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Bold BI Release History - 7.10


Released on July 5, 2024

New Features


  • Provided Token member support in JS based embedding.


Data Sources

  • #515667, #574418 – Provided support to include current value in relative date filter in cloud environment.
  • #582571 – Support for retrieving data source column metadata using a REST API.
  • #581085 – Provide support to remove the deleted columns in a Data Source Through REST API.
  • #501242 – Support the enabling and disabling of the tooltip on the data source page.
  • #582571 – Support for exporting data sources data using a REST API.
  • #597308 – Support for the QuantileExact expression in the ClickHouse data source.


  • Included DLT source files as zip files in ETL project.


  • User’s sites page now supports tile view mode.
  • Provided support to update the UMS database prefix and schema using admin utility.
  • #603358 – Added REST API support for retrieving and regenerating embed secrets.
  • #596618 – Added support for deploying Bold BI and Reports sites with a single domain without site identifier configuration.
  • #587714 – Provided support for accepting “code” as a response type in the Open ID Connect configuration.
  • Provided support to update Azure Blob connection string through admin utility.
  • Improved the site listing page by adding tile view support, including enhancements like infinite scrolling, sorting, and the ability to mark or remove favorites.


  • #467375 – Added sorting functionality to the UI category section for easier organization.
  • #588152 – Provided support to display Last Data Refresh time in schedule mails using custom expressions.
  • #601531 – Provided support to avoid attaching files to scheduled emails based on user configuration for security reasons.
  • #573380 – Added support to include users other than data source owner in the failure notification list.
  • #562856 – Provided support to include external recipient emails in bulk, either separated by commas or semicolons.


  • #580737 – Provided the widget type and widget unique name in the properties panel.


  • #522514, #588311 – Provided Measure value support to data label in map widget.
  • Provided support for selecting a cell in the pivot grid widget to perform interactions like linking, filtering, and view underlyng data.

Bug Fixes

Data Sources

  • #591804 – Resolved the issue where the Google Analytics v4 data source was not being imported.
  • #599305 – Resolved the issue where the converted datatype changes back to the original type when clicking the run button.
  • #603244 – Fixed the issue with the “Reload” label in Widget” in customized card widgets.
  • #596588 – Fixed the issue where the integer column was not showing on the designer page in SSAS.
  • #527641 – Fixed the issue where data was empty while exporting the widget.
  • #602684 – Resolved the issue where additional parameters were not retained in edit connection for PostgreSQL.
  • #603364 – Renamed the FuseBill integration name to Stax Bill.
  • #573226 – Fixed the issue where widgets took a long time to render when filtering was initiated.
  • #586192 – Resolved the issue where renaming column names using API only updated a few columns.
  • #593657 – Fixed the issue where the data source was not updateing due to pk_constraint retention in PostgreSQL IMDb.
  • #594293 – Fixed the issue where the schema was deleted in IMDb database.
  • #563033 – Fixed the issue where Excel exporting failed for Snowflake DataSource.
  • Resolved the issue where custom fonts were not applied in the appended text.
  • Fixed the issue where the warning icon was not showing for the appid in Quickbase.
  • Fixed the issue where the date column was not working for the grid widget when applying the query filter in SSAS.
  • Resolved the issue when applying datepicker value in view mode for SSAS.
  • Resolved the issue where the dimension was not working properly in SSAS data source.
  • #590388 – Resolved filtering not working when using total expression issue.
  • Fixed total expression not filtering issue.


  • #593393 – Resolved the issue where the upload failed when using the user parameter in code view.
  • #599662 – Resolved the issue where the Excel export failed for the grid widget configured with URL linking.
  • #587099 – Fixed the issue where a console error occurred when switching to mobile view for the text filter widget.
  • #580149 – Fixed the issue when exporting the Pivot grid with different localizations.
  • #573594 – Fixed the issue where the measure formatting was displayed in the view underlying data.
  • #600444 – Resolved the issue where the scheduled export failed intermittently.
  • #598300 – Resolved a console issue when binding the dashboard parameter in the date picker.
  • #587038 – Resolved the issue preventing the data cache from being enabled for copied dashboards.
  • #595682 – Provided a flag to customize the total data count in the Pivot grid.
  • Fixed the issue where the Edit data source option was enabled while using existing data source or existing widgets.


  • #596946 – Fixed the Radar polar chart sorting order that changed compared to the Designer Preview and View mode.
  • #599913 – Fixed the inconsistent terminology used in the Advanced Settings dialog.
  • #595435 – Resolved the UI glitches in the card widget after clearing filter data.
  • #594483 – Resolved the issue of text resizing when the number card widget has no value.
  • #603783 – Resolved the formatting issue on the chart widget when empty or null data is present.
  • #594135 – Fixed the issue of cell value appearing as ‘Infinity’ instead of empty in the pivot grid.
  • #560079 – Resolved an issue where the transparency did not display the background color of a widget.
  • #604914 – Fixed the issue where the sparkline in the number card is not working properly when data cache is enabled.
  • #596150 – Fixed the issue where the horizontal scrollbar for the KPI expression in the properties panel.
  • Fixed the issue with customizing the custom theme variables for the axis title and axis label in the Heat map.


  • Fixed the issue where the default view was not being applied to the dashboard in token based SSO embedding.
  • Fixed issue where public dashboard was not rendered in the loadMultitabDashboard() method in JS embedding.
  • Hide RefreshSettings button in Iframe embedding.


  • Fixed the table validation issue in the UMS database update admin utility.
  • Fixed the issue where null added values in a few required configuration nodes when upgrading from a v4.x or v5.x build.
  • Fixed issue with auto deployment when using a custom database name.
  • Fixed the issue with log out URL redirection when the user logged in via any OAuth or Open ID Connect provider.
  • Fixed the issue where updating branding logo with REST API leads to incorrect error message being displayed when accessing unsupported version.


  • #575928 – Fixed issue in schedules where next calculate date was skipping the month when configuring a monthly recurring schedule.
  • Fixed the issue where theming was not properly applied on the version history dialog header.
  • Fixed the issue in deleting the dashboard scheduled views via REST API.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a schedule with view id leads to internal server error.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting all users and group with select all option is not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where multi-tab dashboard doesn’t return in proper order in REST API.


  • Removed mandatory property validation for database prefix and schema properties in update tenant API.
  • Fixed the incorrect table prefixes issue in auto deployment.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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