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Bold BI Release History - 7.3


Released on February 06, 2024



  • #520046 – Provided the support to change Axis, Value Label and Legend text color in Radar Polar Chart.
  • #528687 – Enhanced the support to copy and paste the widgets into the Tab and Combine widget.
  • #522296 – Provided the support to change the image dynamically using the dashboard parameter.
  • Provided an option to enable and disable the map widget’s zoom icon.

Data Sources

  • #497101 – Provided expression, data source level, and widget level support for capitalizing each word of a string column.
  • Provided API to refresh data source fields in Bold BI when the underlying dataset schema changes.
  • #545542 – Provided custom attribute and dashboard parameter support for URL, Headers, Username, and Password properties of External API mode of Dynamic connection string window.
  • #544662 – Provided materialized view support for Google Big Query connector, which will aid in performance optimization of Big Query dashboards.
  • #523187 – No authentication support was provided for ODBC DSN.
  • #541510 – Added expression removal information when switching the data source from code view to design mode.


  • Added support for multiple data store settings. Now users can configure multiple data store settings for their ETL projects. This feature allows for greater flexibility and customization in choosing the appropriate destination server for each project.


  • The Q&A widget provides responses in various charts when the specific chart is mentioned in the question. It supports comparison charts such as columns, stacked columns, and bars, as well as distribution charts like line, area, and spline charts, along with all proportion charts.


  • #534770 – Provided support for adding a tab widget within a tab widget.
  • Added a new filtering section in the dashboard upload, namely Pending, which enables when the dashboard is selected from the list.web-api-connector
  • Limited the exporting option when the same configuration exporting is in progress.

Bug Fixes


  • #528875 – Fixed the ComboBox’s textbox to show the value section data instead of the display section.
  • #533210 – Resolved the field rename is not reflected in the tooltip issue when configuring the row field in the chart widget.
  • #545657 – Fixed the initial filter not maintained issue in the publish mode in the date picker.
  • Fixed an issue where the hidden column linking configuration is unable to perform in the chart.
  • Resolved the Heatmap not rendering issue when the Y-axis sort order is configured.
  • The padding value of 0px not applied in the RTE widget issue is resolved.
  • Fixed the issue where the chart’s individual color formatting was not reflected in the drill down.
  • Resolved the `no data display` alert issue by rendering all records, when all the checkbox is deselected in the ListBox.
  • Resolved the icon overlap issue in the tab widget.
  • Resolved the target dropdown in the link section not functioning issue in the proportion chart.
  • Resolved the Auto Recover dialog always appearing issue when switching back to the edit option.


  • Fixed the issue where the email recipient is configured in the scheduler without configuring email settings in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the issue where scheduled synchronization with a third-party directory is configured without configuring the necessary settings.
  • Fixed the issue where the multi-tab dashboard tab was not visible after exiting full screen in iFrame embedding.
  • Fixed the issue where the “powered by Information” was not showing after enabling it in the dark theme.
  • Fixed the issue with invalid expiration details in the get token response from the tenant API.
  • Fixed the issue where the account activation setting is set as email activation without configuring the email settings in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the issue where unlisted dashboards were not showing on the linked dashboard listing page.
  • Fixed the issue where trying to edit an already deleted webhook did not show an appropriate error message.
  • Fixed the issue where the dark theme was not applied to the comment dialog when the dashboard was embedded using iFrame.
  • Fixed the issue where switching from dark to light theme and vice versa showed a broken image in the footer section.
  • Fixed the issue where the application and dashboard custom theme were not properly inherited from global settings in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the issue where the select all checkbox was enabled even when no dashboard was available on the offline download page.
  • Fixed the issue where an invalid refresh ID was not properly handled and led to an internal server error page.
  • Fixed the issue where some categories were not listed in the embed configuration download dialog.
  • Fixed the issue where copying an already deleted data source did not show an appropriate error message.
  • Fixed the issue in grid searching where the search input was searched on an invalid field when the local data source was bound.


  • Resolved an issue where the previous filter name of one of the dashboards was erroneously displayed in the filter overview in multitab dashboards during JS embedding.
  • Addressed a problem where the dashboard theme wasn’t being applied to the default view toggle button in JS embedding.
  • Eliminated the display of save, saveAs, and viewSavedFilter icons while in preview mode in design mode during JS embedding.
  • Shown error message for the use of the widgetList member with invalid methods.
  • Fixed an issue where the moreOptions were not appearing in widget Iframe embedding.
  • Shown clear access denied error message for invalid multitab dashboards during JS embedding.
  • Eliminated the CSS element relates to dashboard DOM while invoking destroy method.

Data Sources

  • #536083 – Resolved the issue where the desired datatype was not maintained when joining the tables.
  • #540888 – Resolved the delay in saving the data source in code review mode for MYSQL and Postgresql IMDB.
  • #547027 – Fixed an object reference issue when previewing the ClickHouse data.
  • #530559 – Fixed the issue where there is no data to be displayed when using the dashboard parameter value in Web API live.
  • #541984 – Resolved the issue of 0 data returned if there is an invalid date field in the SQL Server DB.
  • #541552 – Fixed the issue where initial filtering was not working when using conditions based on the current user.
  • #546546 – Resolved the exception thrown when the ElasticSearch table name contains a hyphen.
  • #547027 – Fixed the issue of unknown Bool type in ClickHouse.
  • #541133 – Supported the nullable data type fields in ClickHouse.
  • #541175 – Fixed the exception while creating the division expression in the ClickHouse data source.
  • #541141 – Resolved the issue where the Nullable Integer (64) column in the ClickHouse data source is not visible.
  • #538553 – Fixed the issue where an incorrect expression was used in AWS Athena.
  • #533953 – Resolved the issue where the external API dynamic connection string is not working with dynamic schema.
  • #539069 – Fixed the issue of data count mismatch in the Grid widget when applying raw data.
  • #540982 – Resolved the issue of column visibility with Nullable Columns in ClickHouse Data Source.
  • Resolved the issue where the data source edit description does not change in a custom font family.
  • Added a limitation: >= and <= operators are not supported in Full outer join in PostgreSQL.
  • Resolved the error thrown when applying an initial filter for a Null integer column.
  • Resolved the issue where saving without providing a filter name in the User filter was possible.
  • Fixed the error that was occurring while creating an Excel data source with white space on the sheet.
  • Resolved the issue where the import activity was not found when adding data sources.
  • Resolved the issue where the RavenDB tooltip is not showing an icon.
  • Resolved the Custom font family not applying in the shared tables list and tooltip.
  • Resolved the issue where error logs have unwanted exceptions related to the refresh monitoring table.
  • Restricted the connection to the Excel sheet if it contains special characters when connecting to the Excel sheet.


  • #545657 – Fixed the issue where the Date picker selection was removed in the publish mode.
  • #542012 – Resolved the issue where the “Match entire String” option is disabled in the replace value.
  • #346064 – Fixed the issue where the description icon in filter widgets was not rendered properly.
  • #534508 – Fixed the issue of “know more” options showing even after disabling all options and added the “Get Embed Code” option for widgets.
  • Fixed the issue in Dashboard rendering due to the absence of Puppeteer within the Azure ARM site.
  • Resolved the issue where the Tooltip showed in the wrong position in the QA Widget.
  • Fixed the issue where the dashboard name and close icon were not present in the combine widget linking in mobile mode.
  • Fixed the issue that occurred when using the data source type dashboard parameter in the query filter.
  • Resolved the UI issue in the widget properties panel.
  • Fixed the UI glitches and error handling in the master-listener filter configuration and publish dashboard window.
  • Resolved the issue of being able to upload the data source without a name in the Upload dashboard.
  • Fixed the issue where the comment icon disappeared after refreshing the dashboard in view mode.
  • Fixed the issue where newly added replace values were not maintained when double-clicking the apply button.
  • Fixed the issue where the dashboard parameter description icon showed an empty value.
  • Fixed the issue where a console error occurred when previewing the dashboard after creating the dashboard parameter in JS Embedding.
  • Resolved the issue where the selected data source was not highlighted after refreshing the existing data source.
  • Fixed the issue where the Initializing Dashboard Designer Message did not show properly in dark theme mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the export toast message failed to display when attempting to export the dashboard multiple times.

Known Issues

  • Currently ETL is not supported for embedded applications.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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