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Bold BI Release History - 7.4


Released on February 20, 2024


Data Sources

  • #481157 – Provided option to customize start day of the week for Relative Date Filter using Data language property.
  • Provided support to use more than 10 nested if statements in SQL Server.
  • Added support to visualize python data frame into Bold BI using Bold ETL.


  • Added the Frame Ancestor Content Security Policy (CSP) directive to control the embedding of the application within iframes. This directive allows for customization of allowed domains, thereby enhancing security.
  • Implemented REST API support for retrieving the pinboard list.


  • #539588 – Improved the India shape file with the latest territories for Map widget.
  • #541344 – The Excel and CSV exporting’s maximum row count is limited to 150k and 2million. Also, exposed a flag to modify the maximum row limit through ums configuration settings.
  • #541052 – Provided an option to enable and disable the pin icon in the Image widget.
  • #541745 – Provided an option to enable and disable the comment icon in the Line widget.
  • #550840 – Enhanced the combo box usability by hiding the ‘All’ option in the drop-down when entering a text in the Filter search box.

Bug Fixes


  • #547017 – Fixed the issue of not displaying the proper message on the UI when there is an issue with connecting the BI and IDP databases.
  • #543658 – Fixed the issue where the Bing Map Widget was not rendering in the multi-tab dashboard due to the Bing Map controls not being loaded.
  • #556442 – Fixed the loading issue in public multi-tab dashboard where it shows loading indicator for extended time when the URL specifies a tab name other than the first one.
  • #550918 – Fixed the issue that hyphen (-) are not allowed in the email address in the email settings page.
  • Fixed the issue where the font style was not being applied in the BI site when the user inherits the look and feel settings from UMS.
  • Fixed the issue where the URL was not updated to the specific category when the user added a sample dashboard from other pages.
  • Fixed the issue where the schedule context menu options were not working when there was a special character in the item, category, or dashboard names.

Data Sources

  • #541102 – Resolved the Null Reference Exception occurring in the preview data after Expression creation in ClickHouse.
  • #547118 – Resolved the issue where Dashboard Parameterization is not working as expected in Web API live.
  • #550827 – Resolved the Object Reference Error when using the YEAR and Month expression in SQL IMDB.
  • #549453 – Resolved the Refresh failed because of using the ‘/’ special character in the sheet column in the SharePoint connector.
  • #550946 – Resolved the MongoDB credentials automatically changing when trying to upload the dashboard.
  • #543633 – Fixed the deletion of the unsaved expression when switching to another expression.
  • #550695 – Resolved the data preview throwing a query execution error after changing the number type column into a string type column.
  • #550644 – Resolved the Invalid username generated for MongoDB data source on publishing.
  • #538601 – Resolved the Connection properties showing as empty for Extract data source after uploading the dashboard.
  • #554325 – Resolved the Reconnecting the MongoDB data source with the same collection not working properly.
  • #541984 – Resolved the Unable to open the dashboard if the dashboard configured the Web API live datasource was created in version 4.2 to the latest version.
  • #549796 – Resolved the Data retrieval error occurring in Scheduled Export in Web API live.
  • #546678 – Resolved the issue when previewing the data in code review mode.
  • #544924 – Resolved the Error thrown while updating query metrics.
  • #546546 – Supported joining two tables in Elasticsearch extract mode connection.
  • #553815 – Resolved the Empty values in the filter chart for a string data type in the ClickHouse data source.
  • #553796 – Resolved the Column Visibility Issue with Nullable datetime Columns in the ClickHouse Data Source.
  • #554328 – Resolved the Measure expression is listed under the dimension in ClickHouse.
  • Resolved the Pagination not working properly for the Web API Connector.
  • Restricted the unwanted data fetch calling for does not exist the table from DB in Web API.
  • Fixed the Oracle data source when connected in extract mode displays as live mode in the edit connection using Postgres IMDB.
  • #554284 – Fixed an issue where the Bold ETL page was not rendering properly when Bold BI was used as a sub-application.
  • #552057 – Fixed Summary row not showing in grid widget when using expression columns.


  • #549750 – Fixed the issue where exported data had minimal information when data sampling was applied in the data source.
  • #527641, 526358 – Resolved the issue with Export to Excel and CSV failing when selecting empty in the null or blanks option.
  • #548024 – Fixed the issue where the initial selection was not maintained in tab widgets when using a dashboard parameter in the filter widget.
  • Fixed the issue where the label parameter was not working in the widget description.
  • Fixed the UI glitches in the Date Picker.
  • Fixed the issue when filtering the Date Picker widget with Measure Formatting.
  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to add empty spaces in the data source to replace value.
  • Fixed the issue when using Distinct count values in the measure format window.
  • Fixed the issue when applying URL Filter for measure column with (IN) operator value.
  • Fixed the issue where the CSV Export Sheet Name displayed the Dashboard Name instead of the Widget Name.
  • Fixed the issue where the replace value contained single quotes.
  • Fixed the issue where the Filter Overview box popped up and disappeared when clicked in Mobile View.
  • Fixed the issue where the autorefresh member was refreshing the dashboard two times in the JS-based embedding.
  • Fixed the issue where the widget became blank if we unpinned the widgets in pinboards in Embedding.
  • Fixed the issue where space occurred at the bottom in JS-based embedding when the toolbar was hidden.


  • #542737 – Fixed the Date picker dialog popup is not able to open in the mobile app.
  • #540490 – Fixed the values are not aligned in the bar chart.
  • #534338, #536542 – Fixed the text alignment issue in the grid bar formatting.
  • #542082 – Fixed the issue where the data retrieval error was not being shown in the range slider when the server was stopped.
  • Resolved the POP label shows ellipsis issue when performing resize.
  • Fixed the issue where the DatePicker popup closed automatically in the mobile device.
  • Resolved the Bing map failed to render issue when configured with marker image.
  • Resolved the unwanted parameter menu listed in the card widget’s image URL textbox.
  • Fixed the issue where the TextFilter widget displays as blank when exported to PDF or image.
  • Fixed the Distinct Count improperly displays issue in Pivot grid.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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