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Bold BI Release History - 7.5


Released on March 06, 2024

New Features


  • Added schedule support to the data cache.


  • #555176 – Added support for utilizing Azure OpenAI service in the QnA widget.



  • Provided support to configure OAuth setting using REST API in syncfusion managed cloud hosted solution.


  • For JavaScript-based embedding, default the Environment API to OnPremise. For Cloud sites, set the Environment to Cloud.


  • #539181 – Enhanced the Legend Value formatting when gradient condition formatting was applied.
  • #543718 – Refined the Grid Pagination control for better user experience.
  • #538491 – Provided the tooltip customization support for the Card widgets by enhancing HTML tooltips. Now, KPI and Number cards support tooltip customization similar to other visualization widgets.
  • #546913 – Provided an option to customize the tooltip in the Image widget.web-api-connector
  • Provided an option to customize the font size of Legend, Data Label, and Legend Title for the Map widget.web-api-connector

Data Sources

  • #481157 – Provided option to customize start day of the week for Relative Date Filter using Data language property for all the languages. .
  • #558346 – Provided support to change the stored procedure when changing the dashboard parameter.
  • #555754 – Provided support to use Materialized view in snowflake data source.
  • #547846 – Provided support to use joining in Google Big Query data source with code view mode.
  • #539632 – Provided support to add multiple data sources using sample and use existing data sources in dashboard.
  • #532265 – Provided support to set first and last tooltip using dimension column when using measure as value.


  • Provided the option to select or deselect all listener widgets in the filter configuration window.


  • #547464 – QnA widget to utilize knowledge of previous questions.
  • Improved error messaging within the QnA widget. web-api-connector

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue where email sending tries to connect over SSL even if the email setting without SSL option is configured in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the issue where delete API didn’t provide the proper status message when Bold BI hosted on Azure App Service in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the issue where an internal server error returns from the API when permission is added with an empty entity instead of the proper status code.
  • Fixed the issue where providing invalid data provides the 200 https status code instead of the status code mentioned in REST API documentation.
  • Fixed the issue where an exported dashboard from a multi-tab dashboard doesn’t have a custom font applied.
  • Fixed the issue where the timestamp of the one-day older comment shows incorrect details.
  • Fixed the issue where providing empty group details isn’t validated properly on the OAuth and OpenID setting pages.
  • Fixed the issue where data source delete shows a confirmation dialog with a warning message even if it is not used in any dashboards.


  • #552759 – Fixed the Datepicker popup not closing issue when performing the scroll operation in the dashboard.
  • #552778 – Resolved the Grid selection not applied for entire row issue when the row is configured with conditional formatting.
  • #553476 – Resolved the issue where the legend item is allowed to interact when the legend interactive property is disabled.
  • #532150 – Fixed the issue where the heatmap shows incorrect colors when only one color category is present.
  • #554209 – Resolved the Doughnut chart color customization not reflected issue when the configured column type is Boolean.
  • #542693 – Fixed the widget delete operation is unable to perform issue when moved outside the Tab widget.
  • #534770 – Resolved the issue in the Tab widget where the widgets collapsed in the first tab when added to the second tab.
  • #549302 – Fixed the issue with a specific Custom date format not working in the pivot grid.
  • #544745 – Fixed the issue with saving Edit axis settings in the chart widget using dashboard parameters.
  • #553113 – Fixed the issue with Measure Formatting not working with Period over Period filter in the grid widget.
  • #555835 – Fixed the issue with excel export failing when summary row with Null and Blank values applied.
  • #510192 – Fixed the issue in the Map Widget when using Null and Blank values in the data source.

Data Sources

  • #558147 – Resolved the issue where the row count was duplicated in the AppFolio data source.
  • #555719 – Fixed the problem with creating a LinkedIn connector on-premises.
  • #560182 – Addressed the issue of no data appearing in the Web API Live connector preview window when using dashboard parameters in expressions.
  • #555098 – Fixed the problem where the TOTALPERCENTAGE expression column was not working properly when applying filters in view mode in Snowflake.
  • #532951 – Resolved the issue where activity was not found for data sources when creating a datasource from the server side.
  • #555103 – Resolved the issue where expressions created using total (SUM(columns)) in the denominator were not working.
  • #544924 – Fixed the problem where null values could not be inserted when updating query metrics.
  • #559869 – Fixed the issue where stored procedures were not properly refreshed when using dashboard parameters in the MSSQL Data Store.
  • #559869 – Fixed the problem where an “Invalid Object Name” error occurred in the stored procedure dashboard with MSSQL data store.
  • #540579 – Resolved the issue where DataSet did not support System.Nullable exceptions when creating division expressions in ClickHouse connector.
  • #553101 – Fixed the problem of displaying invalid datetime values in the Elastic Search data source.
  • #551350 – Fixed the issue where the RunningSUM Expression value was not correct when used in a separate expression.
  • Fixed the refresh failed in the Azure DevOps connector.
  • Resolved the issue where data was not maintained in code view mode for the web live data source.
  • Fixed the problem where the editing connection in code view mode did not reconnect without saving the datasource.
  • Resolved the issue where description was not shown when editing the description for a copied data source in the data source.
  • Resolved the object reference issue when copying the dashboard.
  • Resolved the issue where the query filter did not change upon editing.
  • Fixed the issue in the search value box not searching for List mode Number type & Date type in Dashboard Parameter.
  • Resolved the issue where no title was shown when clicking a region endpoint in Amazon Athena without Amazon Athena DLLs.
  • 562000 – Fixed issue when mapping data sources in Dashboard upload process.
  • #559685 – Fixed the issue of PDF export not working when we enabled the attribute level connection string.
  • #559685 – Fixed the issue export is not functioning correctly when we enabled the attribute level connection string in extract mode.
  • #532028 – Shown error message that the String_agg function is not supported for First/Last value in number cards.


  • #554301 – Fixed the issue with Linked dashboards not displaying for the uploaded dashboard.
  • #554091 – Fixed the issue with only getting 100 records in PDF export when disabling export only current view.
  • #555308 – Fixed the issue of not being able to view dashboards on the Bold BI mobile app.
  • #560138,#562522 – Fixed the issue with using Dashboard parameter filter in combo box.
  • #454883 – Fixed the issue with excel export not working properly on public dashboard when enabling the IsExcelwithImage flag.
  • Fixed the issue where saving dashboard parameter without selecting display field in Custom Query.
  • Fixed UI glitches in the QA widget.
  • Fixed the issue where dashboard parameters were not listed when User Based Filters or Isolation Code applied.
  • Fixed the issue where Date and time field showed no values when resetting calendar in dashboard parameter window.
  • Fixed the issue where applied theming color was not maintained in upload dashboard window.
  • Resolved issue in the Tab widget when resizing using keyboard keys.
  • Fixed the issue where updating without Master widgets and filter profile names in Filter configuration was possible.
  • Fixed the issue where add Rule Button action was not working properly for empty replace values.
  • Fixed issue where applied filter details were not showing in PDF export.
  • Fixed issue in Dashboard export where the widget was being cut off in PDF format.
  • Fixed issue where initial selection in page size drop-down was incorrect in PDF export dialog box.
  • Fixed issue where the Filter Overview box popped up and disappeared when clicked in Mobile View.
  • Fixed issue in Existing data source where recently added Data sources were not listed on the data source listing page.
  • Fixed issue where filter overview object failed to update properly when dashboard was destroyed.
  • Fixed the issue where Pinboard Export option was not showing in JS-based Embedding for Card Widgets.
  • Fixed issue where Measure format syntax-based data was not shown in Excel export.

Breaking Changes

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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