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Bold BI Release History - 7.7


Released on April 03, 2024

New Features


  • In JavaScript-based embedding, includes nonce API to bypass content security policy restrictions only for fetching Bold BI dependencies.
  • In JavaScript-based embedding, includes loadView() to render dashboards with filters by view ID or name.


Data Sources

  • #538224 – Provided support to TiDB connector.
  • Custom attribute support was included for initial filtering.


  • #563414 – Provided support to include scheduled dashboard image export as inline content in the email body.
  • Provided support to generate personal access token from my profile section.
  • Improved existing group import functionality to import groups with a larger number of users and track the import status.
  • Provided support to hide the tab header of multi-tab dashboards using a URL query string.


  • Provided support to auto-refresh logs and download logs in ETL.
  • Added Elastic Search Connector in Bold ETL.


  • Enhanced the QnA widget’s response to queries about Date fields.

Bug Fixes

Data Sources

  • #562440 – Fixed the issue where the Bar chart was not displaying the sum value correctly.
  • #567081 – Resolved the problem where the Custom connector section was not loaded after deleting the custom connector JSON.
  • #568550 – Fixed the issue of duplicate fields appearing in collections in the Rockset connector.
  • #570937 – Fixed the problem where parameters malfunctioned in the expression dialog.
  • #544924 – Resolved the error during the query metrics update.
  • #558951 – Fixed the issue where column mapping was mismatched with columns instead of the same column when combining data sources.
  • #564200 – Fixed the problem where the data source was slow to load when using SQL stored procedures (related to 563815).
  • #570666 – Resolved the data retrieval error while using the TOTAL expression.
  • #564951 – Fixed the problem where creating an expression column with the Total function for MySQL data sources was impossible.
  • #568548 – Resolved the issue where fields were not properly listed in the Rockset connector.
  • #565240 – Resolved the problem where the dashboard took a long time to open and view the underlying data.
  • #566679 – Fixed the data retrieval error in the 100% stacked column chart.
  • #551350 – Restricted the use of the RUNNING expression with another expression; it is now restricted.
  • #542697 – Resolved the Users were unable to find tables in the latest ClickHouse version (v24) in Bold BI.
  • #571852 – Resolved the error in the Grid Widget after removing null values from the column.
  • #567832 – Restricted the use of count (distinct [column]) in expressions.
  • Added logs with query execution time to troubleshoot this issue in the public/custom build for SQL.
  • Resolved the issue where the page loaded endlessly when ensuring edit connection for Excel & CSV data sources in code view mode.
  • Resolved the issue where it was unable to use the dashboard parameter in Expression.
  • Fixed the object reference issue when extracting stored procedures.
  • Fixed the issue where the Refresh Status loaded to Error for the Bold desk data source.


  • Fixed issue where accessing the public multi-tab dashboard with tab security enabled leads to an internal server error.
  • Fixed issue where providing both read and download access shows only one permission.
  • Fixed issue where copying dashboard functionality did not work sometimes when complete application gets embedded into another application.
  • Fixed issue where the inserted sample dashboard did not show when insert samples from draft listing page.
  • Fixed issue where the on-demand run option did not function properly on a mobile browser.
  • Fixed issue where scheduled data refresh ran more than the total number of occurrences configured.
  • Fixed an issue where the error message was not displaying correctly when a user without access tried to publish a dashboard to a different site.


  • #559054 – Resolved the issue where the applied date format was not correctly maintained in the exported Excel file.
  • #563034 – Resolved the formatting issue observed in the exported Excel file, which occurred when exporting from the underlying data view.
  • #568717 – Resolved the issue where the Designer threw an error for the imported dashboard.
  • #568717 – Fixed the issue where expression column renaming is not working while editing/viewing the dashboard.


  • #561598, #567164 – Fixed the improper tooltip visibility issue in the Heatmap widget.
  • #560102 – Fixed the issue where the applied widget background is not retained when the widget displays a loading indicator.
  • #565419 – Resolved the Scatter chart widget improper rendering issue when configuring dimension fields to the label section.
  • Fixed the issue where the modified opacity in the color palette is not reflected in the widgets.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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