Enterprise BI Release History – 2.8


Released on December 17, 2019

What’s New


  • Added the support for scrollable dashboard. Now, you can add rows to visualize more widgets in dashboards.
  • Added the support for dynamic connection string to change the connection string in dashboard view mode.
  • Added the support to view underlying data of widgets.


  • The following new widgets are added:
    • Number Card
    • Radar Polar Chart
    • Range Navigator
  • Ability to customize the widget tooltip.
  • Added conditional formatting support for marker in the map widget.
  • Added drill down support for map.
  • Added an option to change grid row height.
  • Added an option to change pivot grid header color.
  • Added Color Customization support for Gauge.

Data Sources

  • Provided the support for Snowflake and Presto.
  • Provided the support for ODBC (32-bit driver), which supports SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and Exasol.
  • Provided Google Sheets as a separate data source.


  • DNS and IP whitelisting for Dashboard. Now, you can control which websites, IP addresses, and applications can access or embed the dashboard.
  • Provided the URL embedding support for data source and dashboard in design mode.
  • Provided the advanced refresh settings support for extract mode data sources.
  • Exposed APIs for dashboard views. Now, you can get the list of views for a dashboard or create, update, and delete views for a dashboard.
  • Exposed API for the Copy dashboard.
  • Exposed API for the Copy data source.
  • Provide the support to copy data source from the listing page.


  • Provided the support for Bold Reports On-Premise integration.
  • Provided the support to remove user access in Bold ID from their associated sites.



  • Optimized the performance of dashboard rendering.


  • Data source refresh settings are now improved with the advanced schedule options.


  • KPI card formula has been improved to show the relevant value when target is zero.
  • Optimized grid and chart for better performance.
  • Streamlined the axis/column renaming option in all widgets.
  • New UI added for pivot grid color customization.
  • Reduced and optimized the dependency script/style sizes to increase the initial rendering performance of the dashboard.

Data Sources

  • Provided the Update option for preview grid on/off.
  • Provided the Windows Authentication support for SQL Server.
  • Provided the SSL support and x.509 authentication in MongoDB.
  • Added the pagination support for following data sources:
    • Google AdSense
    • Pipeline deals
    • Copper
    • SendGrid
    • GoSquared
    • Campaign Monitor
    • Fusebill
    • Harvest
    • Help Scout
    • Intervals
    • Generic Web Data Sources
  • Provided the support for Reports API in QuickBooks data source.
  • Fixed the issue with Forecasting that does not work for Month Year date format.
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