Enterprise BI Release History – 3.2


Released on April 16, 2020

What’s New


  • Provided the dashboard parameter support. Now, you can create the parameters and change the values dynamically in dashboard view mode. 
  • Provided the row-level security support using the user-based filter feature. Now, users can be restricted to the data based on their login context.  
  • Provided the support to import widgets with data configuration from other existing dashboards into a new dashboard. 
  • Provided the support for Themes (Preview). Now, you can switch between light and dark themes in view mode for dashboards.


  • Provided the support for adding custom widgets (Preview). 
  • Provided a new widget Rich Text Editor.
  • Provided a new widget Spline Area chart.  
  • Provided a new widget Period over Period Comparison to compare the values of two different date ranges in Charts (Except for Combo and Radar Polar charts).  

Data Sources

  • Now, you can connect and create the dashboards with following new data sources.  
    • Google Ads
    • RavenDB
    • Gmail  
    • Amazon RDS
  • Provided the support to connect to Web data source in live mode for limited records. 
  • Added the support to preview data sources from data source listing page. 
  • The name of Zendesk data source is now changed to Zendesk support. 


  • Pinboards: Create the personalized pinboards by pinning widgets from multiple dashboards. This greatly simplifies the tracking of important metrics from the different dashboards.
  • Multi-tabbed dashboard: Create a multi-tabbed dashboard by adding two or more dashboards.  
  • Default view: Users can set a default view for the dashboard from their dashboard views collection. 
  • Auto-save filter: The Auto-save filter automatically saves dashboard filter changes and retains it on the next dashboard rendering.  
  • OAuth and Open ID group import: Provided the support to import groups from OAuth and Open ID.  


Data Sources

  • Optimized and improved data for Google AdSense reports. 
  • Added an auto retry on refresh failures for web data sources due to network failures. 
  • Improved UI for Asana and Infusionsoft data sources.  
  • Provided the support for OpenQuery and internal cache in stored procedure with improved performance. 


  • Simplified the workflow to access the application URL outside the installed machine. 
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