Release History


Released on July 29, 2020

What’s New


  • Combine Widgets: Ability to combine more than one widget in a single container has been added. Combined Widgets
  • Combine data source: Support for combining data sources to union the extracted data is now available. Combine Data Sources
  • Data Preview: The option added for data preview to be on or off in the data source designer.Data Preview


  • Logarithmic axis: The logarithmic axis is now added to charts for both primary and secondary axis.Logarithmic Axis
  • Legend Title: Support to add a title for the Chart legend has been added. Legend Title
  • Included “All” option in the Combo box filter widget.All Option Combo-box
  • The vertical text alignment is now supported in the RTE widget.RTE - Vertical Alignment

Data Sources

    • Now, you can connect and create dashboards with the following new data sources.
      • EDI
      • SQLite
      • Influx DB
      • A separate connector for CData
      • LinkedIn
      • Zoho
      • Zendesk CRM
      • Commvault
      • Xero
      • Lessonly
      • SAP HANA data source through ODBC
    • The extract mode is now supported for the Snowflake connector.
    • The Enum data type is now supported for the MySQL data source.
    • More Expressions:
      • Added support for 8 aggregations, 4 conditionals, 3 logical, 4 dates, and 6 string expressions in SSAS.
      • Added support for 4 numbers, 1 conditional, 5 dates, and 2 string expressions in the SQL data sources.
    • Support to connect Azure SSAS with the existing Microsoft SSAS connector has been added.
    • Added the iterative mode support for the dashboard parameter when using the parameter list in Web API.
    • Driver options: Support for choosing the driver is now available for the ODBC data connections.


  • Publish Module: Support for publishing dashboards from one server to another has been added. Publish Module
  • Data Security features: Support for Isolation codes and Custom Attributes have been added for filtering data across tenants. Custom AttributeIsolation Code
  • Support to host Bold BI as a website under another site in the IIS is now available.
  • Localization: Localization is now available for both applications and data. Localization
  • Data Alerts: Data driven alerts through email is now available in Bold BI.Data Alerts



  • Improved designer canvas: The improved cell structure in the new designer canvas offers more granularity over the widget size.Improved Designer Canvas
  • UX Improvements: Fonts and colors of the dashboard elements have been improved for better visibility across different screen resolutions.
  • Parameter Improvements: Support for display text and value text in dashboard parameters have been added.Parameter Improvements Parameter Improvements
  • Expression Improvements: Expressions are now supported in code view.Expression Improvements


  • Grid Improvements:
    • Now, the HTML content can be rendered in the Grid widget.HTML Content
    • Alternate Rows: Support to highlight the Grid alternative rows is available now.Grid - Alt Row
    • Alignment: Now, the Grid widget has the option to align the columns and headers.Grid - Head Columns
  • Gauge Improvements:
    • An option to show or hide the actual and difference value in gauge has been added.Gauge - Show/Hide
    • Support for a circular gauge has been added.Circular Gauge
  • Map Improvements: Multi-selection support in map widget has been added.Map Multi-Selection
  • Widget actions: Now, the widget interactions have been improved for better usability in the linking scenarios.Widgets Actions

Data Sources

  • The data connection wizard has been revamped for the following data connections, for better usability.
    • SurveyMonkey
    • Amazon MWS
    • ClubReady
    • Facebook
    • Slack
    • Stripe
    • Shopify
    • Bitly
    • Facebook Ads
  • Increased the file data source limit to 200 MB.
  • Increased the Web API max row limit to 1 million.
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