Bold BI Roadmap 2022

Explore the key features that Bold BI targets to accomplish during the year 2022.


Improve themes support

Theming support for entire application. Theme building user interface integrated with application.

Localization enhancement

Localizing data content based on client time-zone.

Embedding API improvements

Embedding APIs for data source create, edit, and delete operations, data modeling functionalities, dashboard and widget customization.

REST API improvements

REST APIs for activity logs, creating, editing, and deleting data sources.

Create hierarchies

Adding support to create hierarchy from fields.

Two-Factor Authentication

Adding support for 2FA in the application login.

Real-time monitoring

Adding support for real-time monitoring dashboards

Data caching

Adding support to cache data for instant dashboard loading.

Data alert enhancement

Adding support for Webhooks.

Mobile view related improvements

Add support to showcase multi-tabbed dashboard in mobile app. Also, a dedicated layout designer in web application to design dashboards for mobile view.

Custom widget gallery

A gallery for custom widgets to import and use in your dashboards.

Addition of data sources

Click house, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, Azure Cosmos DB, Splunk and more.

Web API connector enhancement

Adding support for OAuth2.0 authentication type.

Continued addition of new widgets

New widgets will be added. Planned widgets include Pivot Chart, Scatter & Bubble Charts, and more.

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