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In the education field, you need to be able to monitor everything from enrollment and attendance figures to students’ exam results and graduation rates. Understanding these and other critical metrics ensures long-term success for both your school and your students. Whether you need to analyze enrollment trends over time or assess districts’ most recent test scores, Bold BI’s fully customizable dashboards put the information you depend on at your fingertips, making it easy to track key performance indicators in real time. Check out our education dashboard example to learn more.

Education Dashboard Example

School Performance Analysis

Bold BI’s school performance dashboard allows the viewer to track various pieces of crucial enrollment and performance data.

For example, we can track the school’s enrollment details by noting the overall number of students, attendance percentages, and the specific numbers of male and female students by grade. Additionally, we can view the number of students who passed, failed, and did not attend their exams; average subject scores for Arts and English; and a list of the top ten students, along with their genders and grades.


Finally, the “Books Availability” widget provides an overview of how many library books are available, how many are loaned out, and how many are reserved.


One key feature of this dashboard is its versatility. By using the “Select Year” and “Select Grade” drop-down list box filters, viewers can customize the dashboard to display data for any combination of years and grades. For instance, a viewer could look at the numbers for all students in grades 1–5 in 2016, or they could display only the data for third graders in 2015.


Users can reset the filters by clicking the funnel-shaped icons in the upper right corners of the drop-down list box widgets. If both filters are reset so that specific years and grades are not selected, we will see the overall numbers for all students for all of the years for which we have data.


These filters can be applied to any dashboards that display data across time periods (such as years or individual months) or for separate, defined groups (such as students of different grade levels). This can be especially useful for evaluating trends over time.


With the School Management dashboard, for example, we could track students’ enrollment statistics, attendance numbers, and exam results over a period of three years. We could also analyze the availability and circulation of library books to determine which students borrow books most frequently, and we could even determine whether there is a correlation between the circulation of library books and students’ exam pass/fail rates.


Bold BI’s dashboards are an invaluable tool not only because of the information they put at your fingertips—such as enrollment numbers and attendance statistics—but also because of the potential connections they allow you to make between data sets, such as average subject scores and the ratio of students to faculty members.

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