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Power Plant Monitoring

Power Plant Dashboard

Bold BI’s sample power plant monitoring dashboard displays the live production data of a series of power plants. This information is crucial as it offers real-time data about the plants’ operations, allowing viewers to identify any problems that arise almost instantaneously.

This energy dashboard’s data allows viewers to answer questions that are key to the plants’ functionality and financial health:


  • How much energy are the power plants producing overall? Are they meeting customers’ needs?
  • Which plants are meeting their expected output goals, and which are falling short?
  • Are the plants’ turbines functioning efficiently?
  • Which plants provide the greatest return on investment? How can we improve the plants that are less profitable?


We can collect this information from a number of different widgets. For example, we can easily see the plants’ total capacity, the total energy they are generating, and their target number.


Next, we can see the plants’ average frequency, ambient temperature, and humidity, which offers insight into how all systems are functioning and whether any adjustments need to be made. Further, we can analyze the functionality and efficiency of each individual power plant with the “Power Plant Details” widget, which shows the location, turbine type, actual vs expected output, production rate, and status of each plant.


The “ROI” widget is particularly useful as it does not simply display one overall number but instead illustrates the performance of individual plants. Similarly, the “Avg Efficiency of Turbines” widget clearly outlines the performance of each type of turbine. This, when considered alongside the “Power Plant Details” widget, could help viewers analyze plants’ efficiencies. For example, if a plant is falling short of its expected output, we could compare its turbine type to that of a plant that is meeting its expected output to determine whether there is a correlation. 


This dashboard thus displays key metrics that could help an organization perform real-time analysis of plants’ functionality and output while also ensuring long-term efficiency and profitability.

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