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All government agencies’ long-term success depends on analyzing key performance indicators for their respective fields, whether that means the Department of Education is assessing high school graduation rates or the FDA is researching the efficacy of a public health initiative. To run an effective and efficient team, you need to analyze data trends that occur over time, but you also need to track your team’s day-to-day operations. With Bold BI’s dashboard solutions, you can access all of the key metrics your organization depends on in one convenient location, from yearly changes in the number of national parks visitors to transportation safety statistics. Check out our sample government dashboards below to learn more.

Government Dashboard Examples

Government Dashboard

Bold BI’s school improvement grants dashboard provides an overview of the results of an education improvement initiative. With this dashboard…

Motor Dashboard

Bold BI’s sample motor vehicle crashes Analysis dashboard offers insight into motor vehicle accidents that occurred in the US, along with…

Bold BI for Government – Common Metrics

With Bold BI’s user-friendly, fully customizable dashboards, you can easily analyze all of the information that your organization depends on:

  • Education data
  • Public safety statistics
  • Public health data
  • Funding and budgetary information
  • Demographic data

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