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Healthcare Dashboard

In the healthcare field, you need to be able to monitor everything from hospital readmission rates to the average wait time for the dermatology department. Understanding these and other critical metrics ensures long-term success for patients and healthcare providers alike. Whether you need to analyze diagnostic trends or track patient satisfaction, Bold BI’s fully customizable dashboards put the information you depend on at your fingertips, making it easy to increase your team’s transparency and efficiency. Check out our sample healthcare dashboards below to learn more.

Healthcare Dashboard Examples

Healthcare Dashboard

This healthcare dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of patients’ satisfaction with their experiences in various hospital departments. With the Patient Experience…

Healthcare Dashboard

This sample healthcare dashboard displays key pieces of information relating to patients’ overall health. With the Patient Health Summary dashboard…

Bold BI for Healthcare – Common Metrics

With Bold BI’s user-friendly, fully customizable dashboards, you can track all the key performance indicators that healthcare professionals depend on:

  • Patient data and statistics
  • Diagnostic trends
  • Hospital readmission rates
  • Physicians’ patient loads
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Wait times
  • Lab result turnaround times

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