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Patient Experience Analysis

Healthcare Dashboard

This healthcare dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of patients’ satisfaction with various hospital departments. With this dashboard, we can answer the following questions:

  • First, how do patients rate their satisfaction with each department?
  • Next, how long were patients’ visits?
  • Finally, how long did patients wait to see their doctors?


Ensure Patient Satisfaction


This information is critical because it offers insight into customer satisfaction. Further, it allows the hospital’s leadership to identify areas for improvement.


Filter Your Data


Also, please note the “Day of Week,” “Department,” “Date,” and “Gender” filters. With these filters, users can view data for any desired time period and combination of criteria. These options are vital as they allow viewers to either review data that spans a short period of time (either for all departments or one specific department) or study trends that may occur over time.


Having all of these data sets on a single dashboard is key for team members who need a quick visual reference for assessing the hospital’s day-to-day operations but who may also wish to focus their analyses on specific subsets of information.

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