Track patients' vital signs, daily steps, sleep, and more

Patient Health Monitoring

Healthcare Dashboard

This healthcare dashboard displays key pieces of data relating to patients’ overall health. With this health summary dashboard, viewers can answer the following questions:

  • Firstly, what are patients’ vital signs (heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure)?
  • Secondly, how much are patients sleeping, and what is the quality of their sleep?
  • Thirdly, are patients meeting their daily step goals?
  • Finally, what are patients’ lab results, such as cholesterol and blood glucose?


Analyze Patient Data


First, please note that by selecting an individual from the “Patient ID” drop-down list box, healthcare providers can view the patient’s vital signs, daily steps, and hours slept, along with a detailed analysis of how many hours of deep sleep they experienced each night. Having this information available in one convenient location makes it easy for healthcare providers to view updated readings of patients’ vital signs while also tracking key pieces of data (such as sleep quality) over longer periods of time.


Track Broader Trends


Further, the “Patient Health Summary” grid widget supplies an overview of the sexes, ages, and weights of the practice’s patients. These figures could help doctors decide where to focus their treatment and preventive care efforts. For example, if many patients are overweight, physicians may wish to discuss diet and exercise tips with patients, or they may want to share brochures, referrals, or other helpful resources.


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