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Predictive Analytics Dashboard

From evaluating peak times for customer orders to fine-tuning marketing campaigns, your job using predictive analytics requires you to review large amounts of data every day. Without a business intelligence solution you can depend on, keeping track of so many key metrics can seem like an impossible task. That’s where Bold BI comes in. With our fully customizable dashboards, your team can access all of the crucial information you rely on in one convenient location. Check out our sample predictive analytics dashboards below to learn more.

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Predictive Analytics Dashboard Examples

Predictive Analytics Dashboard

Bold BI’s sample online food ordering analysis dashboard provides an overview of the operations of a restaurant delivery service. With this…

Predictive Analytics Dashboard

Bold BI’s Website visitor monitoring dashboard supplies a detailed overview of a website’s traffic and sales. With this predictive analytics dashboard…

Personal Expense Analysis

Bold BI’s personal expense analysis dashboard provides an overview of an individual’s budget and spending habits. Additionally, it provides an estimate…

Bold BI for Predictive Analytics – Common Metrics

With Bold BI’s user-friendly, fully customizable dashboards, you can easily analyze all of the information that your organization depends on:

  • Sales trends
  • Website traffic
  • Revenue and expense forecasts
  • Customer satisfaction ratings

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