Revenue Analysis

Track revenue, returns, payment statuses, and more.

Revenue Analysis Dashboard - Bold BI

This Infusionsoft dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of a company’s recent orders. With this information, leaders can answer the following questions:

  • Firstly, how many orders did customers place in the past six months?
  • Secondly, how does revenue compare to refunds?
  • Thirdly, how many orders are paid?
  • Finally, how many customers have subscriptions, and what is their revenue value?

Track Trends Over Time

This Infusionsoft dashboard outlines revenue details for the current month and the past six months. By reviewing the current month’s numbers along with data from the past six months, leaders can ensure that teams will meet their monthly goals while also tracking big-picture sales trends.

First, the card widgets on the top row of the dashboard provide a quick, easy-to-read overview of trends in sales, revenue, and subscriptions. 

The “Orders” chart allows viewers to see the number of orders placed each month and track trends that may occur over time. Similarly, the “Subscription Revenue” bar graph allows viewers to track the number of subscriptions billed each month, along with their revenue value. The bar graph in the lower right corner reveals how many orders are paid versus unpaid. It also includes a trendline, which makes it easy for viewers to see patterns that emerge over time.

Review Sales Details

With the “Revenue vs Refunds” widget, users can see how returns affect their bottom line. Finally, the list of the past six month’s highest sales days can help leaders see which days and months are likely to drive sales. This data could also help them decide when to run promotions.

For example, emailing a coupon code on a historically busy sales day could help drive growth even more. Conversely, offering discounts during what are typically less busy periods may drive business and help the company meet their sales goals.


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Sales Dashboard Examples

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Bold BI’s sales performance dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of key data sets.

Northwind Products and Suppliers Dashboard

This sales dashboard lists orders placed with the fictitious supply company Northwind Traders. 

Northwind Products and Suppliers Dashboard
This sales analysis dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of a company’s sale.
Ticket Sales Analysis Dashboard
This ticket sales analysis dashboard provides a detailed breakdown of key data sets.
Financial Analysis Dashboard
This financial analysis dashboard provides a helpful overview of a company’s key financial metrics.

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