10 Great Business Intelligence Dashboard Examples

10 Great Business Intelligence Dashboard Examples

Looking for excellent business intelligence dashboard examples? In this blog I have compiled a list of top domain dashboards with online demos to spark your imagination and give you ideas about building your own.

Business intelligence dashboards help business users make the right decisions by visualizing critical data in a single view. The right dashboard always helps the decision makers understand the pre-defined story that we planned to convey. Business dashboards provide a powerful opportunity to make your business more productive, which in turn improves your business performance. Monitoring a dashboard enables users to find areas where the company needs to focus to achieve greater success.

This blog aims to inspire you through 10 dashboard examples across various domains and solutions with live, interactive demos. The following dashboard scenarios are covered in this blog:

  1. Online Marketing Dashboard
  2. Production Analysis Dashboard
  3. Telecommunication General Management Dashboard
  4. Power Plant Monitoring Dashboard
  5. Patient Health Summary Dashboard
  6. IT Project Management Dashboard
  7. Financial Management Dashboard
  8. Website Visitor Analysis Dashboard
  9. School Management Dashboard
  10. Hotel Revenue Analysis Dashboard

Dashboard Examples

1. Online Marketing Dashboard

First, our marketing dashboard example is suitable for the marketing executives, managers, and professionals who review large amounts of data every day and aim to increase revenue based on sales growth. Most importantly, a marketing dashboard solution helps find identify the key sales metrics that are necessary to an organization’s growth.

With this live demo of a dashboard for marketing solution, decision makers can easily visualize data for evaluating the marketing team’s key metrics, from return on investment, to lead conversion rate, to website traffic sources.

Excellent Marketing Dashboard Solution
Online Marketing Solution Dashboard

2. Production Analysis Dashboard

A good manufacturing dashboard provides industry owners a way to manage their manufacturing solutions to ensure all metrics are monitored, whether evaluating equipment downtime or analyzing labor and production costs. A manufacturing dashboard keeps track of a company’s key production metrics for better productivity.

With this live demo of a dashboard for a manufacturing solution, decision makers can easily visualize crucial data for evaluating the plant’s efficiency and productivity in real time while also ensuring their long-term financial success.

Great Manufacturing Dashboard Example for Production Analysis Solution
Production Analysis Solution Dashboard

3. Telecommunications Revenue and Usage Statistics Dashboard

A good telecom KPI dashboard helps managers maximize profits and provide outstanding customer service. They need to analyze data trends over time, but also need to track their team’s day-to-day operations. A telecommunication company’s long-term success depends on ensuring network availability and customer satisfaction. A telecom KPI dashboard guides accurate business decisions by identifying revenue based on network utilization.

With this live demo of a telecommunications solution dashboard, decision makers can easily see which customers use the network most heavily, which could help the company ensure they are able to meet their customers’ needs and that each subscription plan is appropriately priced.

Great Telecom KPI Dashboard Example for General Management Solution
Telecom KPI General Management Solution

4. Power Plant Monitoring Dashboard

When it comes to an energy dashboard, users can monitor everything from the availability and production of individual facilities, to consumer-level energy consumption. Using a power plant energy monitoring dashboard, plant operators can stay on top of a series of power plants with live production information, analyze turbine efficiency, or assess the company’s return on investment for various wind farm locations.

With this live demo of a power plant monitoring dashboard solution, decision makers can easily note the key metrics that could help their organization perform real-time analysis of their plants’ functionality and output while also ensuring long-term efficiency and profitability.

Good Energy Dashboard Example for Power Plant Monitoring Solution
Power Plant Monitoring Solution

5. Patient Health Summary Dashboard

When it comes to healthcare dashboards, hospitals and other medical institutes monitor critical metrics to ensure long-term success for patients and healthcare providers, everything from hospital readmission rates to the average wait time for the dermatology department. Most importantly, providers need to analyze diagnostic trends or track patient satisfaction to examine their patients’ overall health.

This live demo of a healthcare dashboard for patient health helps physicians decide where to focus their treatment and preventive care efforts. It leads them to discuss possible allergies with their patients, or share tips for dealing with food allergies by distributing brochures or sending emails to affected patients.

Richly Featured Healthcare Dashboard Example for Patient Health Summary Solution
Patient Health Summary Solution

6. IT Project Management Dashboard

Your business solutions need an information technology dashboard to monitor everything in real time, from server and network availability to support ticket response times. An IT project management dashboard provides an outline of the financial health of an IT company. Furthermore, it displays detailed breakdowns of project statuses and customer satisfaction metrics.

This live demo of an IT dashboard for project management helps viewers track customer satisfaction while also analyzing the company’s efficiency and profitability.

Great Information Technology Dashboard Example for Project Management Solution
IT Project Management Solution

7. Financial Management Dashboard

When it comes to finance dashboard solutions, decision makers can easily analyze accounts receivable and accounts payable reports to assess critical financial performance indicators. Finance management dashboards allow professionals to visualize crucial metrics such as gross working capital, profits, AR, AP, and cash management.

With this live demo of a financial management dashboard, information is essential because it displays an easy-to-read, up-to-date visual reference for evaluating complex and constantly changing numbers. With the presented data, users can quickly analyze the company’s critical financial metrics and assess its long-term health.

Good Finance Dashboard Example for a Financial Management Solution
Financial Management Solution

8. Website Visitors Analysis Dashboard

A proper predictive analytics dashboard solution helps predict future trends. With a website visitors analysis dashboard, forecasted trends for a website’s visitors and purchasers is visualized in the dashboard. It can also be used to evaluate peak times for customer orders to fine-tune marketing campaigns.

With this live demo of a predictive analytics dashboard, you can easily analyze information such as forecasted sales trends, website traffic, revenue, and expenses, as well as customer satisfaction ratings.

Good Predictive Analytics Dashboard Example for Website Visitor Analysis Solution
Website Visitor Analysis Solution

9. School Management Dashboard

When it comes to an education dashboard solution, you need to be able to monitor everything from enrollment and attendance figures, to student exam results and graduation rates. We can track a school’s enrollment details by noting the number of students, attendance percentages, and the specific numbers of male and female students by grade.

This live demo of an education dashboard solution for school management provides easily quantifiable information such as enrollment numbers and attendance statistics, but it also surfaces potential critical connections between data sets, such as how average subject scores are affected by the student-to-faculty ratio.

Detailed Education Dashboard Example for School Management Solution
School Management Solution

10. Hotel Revenue Analysis Dashboard

The final dashboard example is for a hospitality solution, which allows you to monitor everything from occupancy rates and utility costs to customer satisfaction.

This live demo of a hospitality dashboard solution with hotel revenue analysis data helps monitor important data such as total revenue, revenue by region, comparisons with the previous year’s numbers, marketing costs, customer booking trends, and occupancy rates.

Excellent Hospitality Dashboard Example for Hotel Revenue Analysis Solution
Hotel Revenue Analysis Solution


With these 10 excellent dashboard examples, hopefully you now have an idea of how to utilize a real-time business intelligence dashboard for your own solutions. To easily create interactive dashboards with cloud-based business intelligence, try Bold BI now by signing up for a free, 15-day trial, or contact us for more information. If you have any queries, please post them in the comments below.

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