Managing dashboards for different clients

Managing Dashboards for Different Clients

Apart from working toward your clients’ requirements, your company will also be facilitating your clients’ access to their past data and current metrics. This data is mostly provided as tabular reports, either on demand or mailed on a scheduled basis. But are clients getting the most out of their data this way? Probably not. Interactive dashboards that visualize KPIs and the patterns in your clients’ data, giving them insight they can act on, will make them far more pleased with the value your app provides.

In this blog, let’s see how to utilize Bold BI features to set up dashboards for different clients with different needs, including data source connections, restricted data access, rebranding, and multi-tenancy.

Data sources for different dashboards and clients

The dashboards can be connected with different data sources (files/web/SQL), based on the clients’ environment. The data originally mapped in each data source can be from the same database with different tables or different databases all together. To learn more about the data sources it’s possible to connect with, check out this blog.

For example, the data for all the following dashboards resides in the same database. But the data sources connected to each dashboard are different. Each dashboard will have separate logos and only the user will be able to access the assigned dashboard.

Different dashboards for different clients
Different dashboards for different clients

Single dashboard for different users

Similarly, you can also give multiple users restricted data access to a common dashboard. This blog walks you through setting up a common dashboard connected to a common database for multiple departments. After user-based filtering is set, each department manager will be able to access the dashboard but will have data access to only his own department. So, one manager would not be able to see the metrics of the another manager’s department.

Workforce performance dashboard for managers showing metrics related to the departments they manage

How to rebrand the app for each client

The clients for whom you are going to create dashboards may want them to look like their own software. Not only you can add a client’s logo within the dashboard, you can also customize the Bold BI app by changing elements like the organization name and header. Check out this blog to learn more about custom branding a dashboard app with a company identity.

White labeling in Bold BI

A company works hard to build customer trust in a brand. Allowing your clients to rebrand the dashboards in their apps allows them to present the dashboards as trustworthy products.

  • Cloud edition’s feature set includes custom branding for your deployed cloud tenant. You can white label, host a custom domain, and include a custom theme for dashboards.
  • Enterprise edition allows you to custom brand all the sites you deploy for the price you pay for single server.

How to set up a URL

You can not only white label the dashboards you produce, but provide a unique URL, as well.


Using Bold BI’s multitenancy support, you can deploy different tenants for your clients and manage their dashboards as needed. Using a single domain, you can create different tenants with their own database isolated from other tenants under a single Bold BI deployment.

Custom domains

The dashboards you host can also be in your own company domain or a subdomain of your main domain using custom domain support in Bold BI. URLs can be set in the following ways:

  1. With your company domain
  2. With a subdomain of your main domain
URL with a subdomain of a main domain
URL with a subdomain of the main domain

Over to you

As the cost of storing data becomes cheaper, accessing data also gets much better, with different cloud-based models like REST APIs and GraphQL. The real bottleneck now is in understanding the data. The company that leverages storytelling dashboards, letting its clients see the patterns in their data that inspire actionable insights, will have an advantage in this competitive world.

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