Hospital Management

Track staffing details, treatment costs, readmission rates, and more

Bold BI - Hospital Management Dashboard

This hospital management dashboard provides a breakdown of crucial staff and patient data. With this dashboard, we can answer the following questions:

  • Firstly, how many patients are admitted?
  • How many doctors are on duty?
  • Finally, what are patients’ treatment costs?


Track Daily Operations and Analyze Broader Trends


By tracking metrics such as the ratio of doctors to patients, leaders can ensure that hospitals are adequately staffed. We can easily see this data through the “Doctors” and “Admitted Patients” cards.

Also, with KPIs such as occupancy rate, readmission rate, and average length of stay, hospital administrators can track trends that may occur over time. This information could help leaders analyze the efficacy of their practices. For example, if readmission rates rise, they might consider updating their discharge procedures; perhaps staff could spend more time explaining medication and other follow-up care details to patients.

Finally, the line graph charting weekly patient intake provides a quick visual reference for any spikes or dropoffs that may occur (possibly due to seasonal factors such as flu season).


Filter Your Data

One key feature of this healthcare dashboard is its versatility.  With the four drop-down list box filters, viewers can display data for any combination of hospitals, doctors, fields, and dates. Users can reset the filters by clicking the funnel-shaped icons in the upper right corners of the list boxes.

This feature is invaluable for users who need to view specific pieces of data or who would like to focus on data from a set period of time.

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