Embed Analytics Everywhere

Embed analytics within your organization and products. Empower users to decide and act based on up-to-the-minute data without having to switch contexts.

BoldBI Features Embed Analytics Everywhere

Intuitive Widgets

Embed analytics within your organization and products. Empower users to decide and act based on up-to-the-minute data without having to switch contexts.

Column Chart

Column Chart

A column chart is a bar chart where the bars are rendered vertically.

Bar Chart

Bar Chart

Bar charts are a simple but powerful way to represent data. One axis represents the category being represented and the other axis the value being plotted. A bar is displayed or each value.

Stacked Bar

Stacked Bar

Stacked bar charts represent multiple categories of data with each value being stacked on top of the previous category

Stacked Column

Stacked Column

Stacked column charts are the same as Stacked Bar charts with the difference that the bars are stacked and displayed vertically.

100% Stacked Bar

100% Stacked Bar

These are similar in function to Stacked Bar charts but are rendered in such a manner that the bars are of equal value. Each bar then displays multiple category values as proportions.

100% Stacked Column

100% Stacked Column

Like the 100% Stacked Bar. Each bar is displayed vertically.

Radar Polar

Radar Polar

Radar polar charts display data on a 360-degree scale. Multiple category values can be displayed. Each value can display directionality as well as magnitude.



The Map control allows you to render numeric values as a color for geographic entities. For example, you can display a map containing sales values for each state in a country.

Bing Maps​

Bing Maps

The Bing Maps control allows you to load rich maps that are powered by Bing. You can load visually pleasing maps of different types and display values based on latitude and longitude.



The grid control allows for the display of tabular information. The information can be displayed with support for paging, filtering, and sorting. Summary information can be displayed.

Pivot Grid​

Pivot Grid

The Pivot grid control allows for the display of tabular information in a grouped format. Grouping can be performed on columns across the column and row axes. Summary information can be displayed.

Tree Map ​

Tree Map

The Tree Map control allows for the representation of hierarchical data. Each rectangle represents a tree node and can contain other rectangles. This can continue and represent the complete hierarchy.

Heat Map

Heat Map

The Heat Map control allows for the display of colored areas along two dimensions.

KPI Card​

KPI Card

The KPI card control displays the current value of a key performance indicator with an easily identified visual that indicates the trend of the indicator when compared against a base value. For instance, the KPI card could represent actual growth vs. target growth values.

Number Card

Number Card

The number control widget displays a single value or a series of values. Individual values can be labelled with text/images.

Radial Gauge​

Radial Gauge

Radial gauges are another way to visualize KPIs. The display KPI values as partially filled or traversed gauges like an automobile dashboard. The goal tied to the KPI can also be displayed on the gauge.



Pie charts display proportions as shaded parts of a pie.



Doughnut charts are very similar to pie charts. They are shaped like a doughnut instead of a pie.



Pyramid charts showcase proportional values in the shape of a pyramid. Lesser values are displayed at the bottom. Higher values are displayed at the top.



Funnel charts are typically used to showcase segments that are in various stages of a process.



Area charts render points along a value axis and then fill in the shape formed by the line connecting these points.

Stacked Area​

Stacked Area

Pyramid charts showcase proportional values in the shape of a pyramid. Lesser values are displayed at the bottom. Higher values are displayed at the top.

100% Stacked Area​

100% Stacked Area

100% Stacked Area charts render multiple measures with the added requirement that the measures are rendered in proportion.



Line charts display data trends by plotting points and connecting them with a line.



Spline charts display data trends by plotting points and connecting them with a Spline.

Spline Area

Spline Area

Spline Area charts render points along a value axis and then fill in the shape formed by the line connecting these points with a Spline.

Combination chart​

Combination chart

Combination charts allow the comparison of values by displaying more than one chart at a time.

List Box

List Box

List Boxes display a list of items with a scrollbar if needed. These are used as filters. Filters can include one or more of the items in the list. Filters can affect any number of items on the surface of the dashboard

Combo Box

Combo Box

Combo Boxes display a list of items with a drop-down. These are used as filters. Filters can include one or more of the items in the list. Filters can affect any number of items on the surface of the dashboard.

Range Slider​

Range Slider

Range sliders allow users to select a range of values in an intuitive fashion. They are used to apply filters to data.

Range Navigator​

Range Navigator

Range Navigator control allows users to specify a smaller range from an available range. It acts as a filter and is very intuitive.



The image control allows for the addition of static and dynamic images to a dashboard.



The Text control allow users to add rich text to dashboards.

Combine Widget​

Combine Widget

The Combine widget allows you to aggregate multiple widgets into one container.

Custom Widgets

Custom widgets

If the provided widgets do not meet your needs, Bold BI allows for the direct embedding of JavaScript controls. With this approach you have limitless possibilities and can integrate any kind of any interface.

Data Visualization

The Bold BI platform allows for the combination of widgets in an intuitive fashion. Resulting analytics can interact with users in multiple ways.

UI Interactivity

UI Interactivity

Users can directly interact with the analytics information. They can manipulate the details presented on the analytics dashboard using filters and parameters.

Drill Down


Several widgets offer support for drill-down access. Navigate seamlessly from the overview to details.

Linked analytics and reports​

Linked analytics and reports

You can link to other analytic dashboards and reports. For example, when reviewing sales KPIs on an analytics dashboard surface you can drill down to individual records and then navigate to other dashboards and reports may contain additional information.

Custom Visualizations​

Custom Visualizations

Bold BI has a powerful customization system that allows for the creation of a visualization interface that will offer a user experience that is tailormade for your users. You can customize every aspect to cater to the specific skill level of users that you are targeting.

Dashboard Templates​

Dashboard Templates

Templates allow for the creation of analytics for known data sources without much effort. For instances a GitHub template may automatically create and configure widgets that would be useful when monitoring an enterprise GitHub account.

Tabbed Dashboards

Tabbed Dashboards

Easily display related dashboards as tabs.

Data Explorer​

Data Explorer

Built-in data exploration features allow for easy access to data prior to configuring analytics.

Data Connectivity

For any analytics deployment to be successful, you should be able to connect to all kinds of business data. Bold BI was designed with the latest best practices and makes it easy to connect to data.

Support for data files such as those created using Microsoft Excel​

Support for data files such as those created using Microsoft Excel

Easily access data from Excel files.

Relational databases​

Relational databases

Access data from all common relational datastores such as SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB and more.

NoSQL Databases​

NoSQL Databases

Access data from popular NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB.

Data warehouse​

Data warehouse

Directly connect to data warehouse systems such as Amazon Redshift, Google Big Query, Azure SQL Data Warehouse and more.

Big Data integration​

Big Data integration

Access data from Big Data systems such as Hadoop and Spark.

REST API Services​

REST API Services

Access data from REST API sources.


Choose the deployment environment that best suits your need.



Bold BI can be deployed on your company servers. Such deployments are completely self-contained and do not require any connection to any other environment outside your control.

Cloud neutral​

Cloud neutral

Bold BI is truly cloud neutral. If you choose to deploy on a public cloud, you can do so with ease. Deploy on Azure, Amazon Web Services, the Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean and more.



Bold BI can be directly installed on a Windows server. Install on a virtual machine in the cloud or on a physical machine.

Azure App Service​

Azure App Service

Bold BI can also be configured for deployment on the Azure App Service platform. Bold BI can transparently scale in accordance with your needs.



Bold BI can be installed directly on a Linux server.



Bold BI is available as a Docker image. You can run as a local Docker image for easy development access or deploy using a container management system.



Bold BI supports Kubernetes out of the box. You can deploy Bold BI on any container service that is Kubernetes compatible.


Embedded analytics needs to be customizable and extensible to meet the specific needs of your applications. Bold BI provides features that make it especially suited for embedded use.

Authentication Protocols

Authentication Protocols

Bold BI supports a variety of directory systems and protocols including Azure Active Directory, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. Your application users can seamlessly authenticate with single-sign-on integration.

Mobile App​

Mobile App

Bold BI provides a mobile app that can be branded and customized for your specific needs. Deliver critical analytics through the included mobile solution. You can also embed specific areas inside your mobile application.

Multi development language support​

Multi development language support

Bold BI supports all commonly used development platforms both on the server and on clients. Supported environments include Microsoft .NET/.NET Core, Java, PHP, Angular, React, Vue, Blazor and more.



Apply application specific theming to make the Bold BI user interface an integral part of your application.

Data source manipulation APIs​

Data source manipulation APIs

Expose data sources exactly as you desire to with our data source access APIs. You do not have to expose the complete interface. Control exactly what needs to be exposed.

Custom UI​

Custom UI

Bold BI provides full API access to the entire system. You can use this API to access and display Bold BI elements and data from within your application UI without using prebuilt Bold BI components.

Event Handling​

Event Handling

Register and receive detailed access to events. This allows you to perform related action when certain actions are triggered within the analytics system.

Granular Permission Model​

Granular Permission Model

Bold BI provides full API access to the entire system. You can use this API to access and display Bold BI elements and data from within your application UI without using prebuilt Bold BI components.


With Bold BI every aspect of deployment and routine management such as provisioning tenants, users, groups, permissions, scheduling reports and more can be fully automated through a rich API layer.

Automated provisioning for tenants​

Automated provisioning for tenants

You can add and remove tenants with the provisioning API without using the administration user interface. Your customers can also perform these actions from within their deployment.

Automated provisioning - Users, Groups and Permissions​

Automated provisioning - Users, Groups and Permissions

You can add, remove, and modify users, groups and permissions using code from within your application.

Auto-scheduled reports​

Auto-scheduled reports

Scheduled reports can be managed through the API.


Granular control over access permissions and data security at rest or in transit.

Data is always 100% in your control​

Data is always 100% in your control

With Bold BI, your data is always under your control. You can host the entire product including all data within your private data center or your public cloud accounts with absolutely no access provided to anyone else including Syncfusion.

Row-level Security​

Row-level Security

With row level security, you can filter rows based on filter criteria that is usually tied to users or groups. This allows for using the same dashboard but with unique permission-based data for each scope.

Single Sign-On​

Single Sign-On

You can integrate your current security infrastructure seamlessly when using Bold BI.

Encryption at rest​

Encryption at rest

Every Bold BI product installation will generate unique private keys during installation. These private keys will be used to encrypt and store the sensitive data.

Encrypted traffic​

Encrypted traffic

Client to server, server to database and other resource access can all be configured to use SSL.

Trusted authentication​

Trusted authentication

Authentication verifies user identity. Any access to any resource within the Bold BI system requires authentication. Such authentication can use built-in providers or be delegated to existing security infrastructure.

Easy to use designer

Create stunning dashboards with no IT skill needed With the powerful interactive dashboard designer, pull the metrics and visualize KPIs building custom dashboards with no coding effort.

Drag and drop designer​

Drag and drop designer

Designer provides a drag and drop interface that any user can get comfortable with. Any widget can be added to the designer canvas and configured.

Configure data connections​

Configure data connections

Configure data connections interactively. Manage exactly how you connect with the data.

Configure appearance​

Configure appearance

Customize the appearance of widgets interactively.

Designed for embedding

Bring your business application, website or portal and analytics together with the embedding capabilities of Bold BI.

Iframe Embedding​

Iframe Embedding

If you need analytics to be embedded quickly and without much effort Iframe embedding is an available option.

JavaScript Embedding​

JavaScript Embedding

If seamless integration is required, JavaScript embedding is the preferred option. With JavaScript embedding every aspect of the analytics interface being embedded can be precisely controlled.

White labeling​

White labeling

Bold BI can be white labelled. It can be easily branded as your own.



A single instance of the Bold BI analytics server can be configured to support multiple tenants. Deploy with single-tenant mode if you have a shared data model. If you have an isolated data model, use multi-tenant mode to maintain a single source for dashboards and publish across different tenants. Bold BI is designed to accommodate scenarios common and uncommon.

Version control​

Version control

Integrated version management makes it simple to publish updated versions of dashboards. Older versions can be restored on demand.



Localize Bold BI for deployment in any environment.



Expose analytics behind microservices such that other applications can consume as needed.

Angular, React and more​

Angular, React and more

Popular JavaScript frameworks such as React and Angular are supported out of the box.

Use with .NET, Java, PHP & more​

Use with .NET, Java, PHP & more

Server-side frameworks powered by .NET, Java, PHP and more are fully supported.

Low code​

Low code

Embedding requires very little code. Most of the work can be accomplished with configuration.



Suitable for deployment on any device. The user interface will render in an appropriate manner. A mobile app is also available.

Export dashboards​

Export dashboards

Analytic information can be exported to a wide variety of formats such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and more.



Users can directly create, access, and share analytics. They do not need to go through an administrator making the process simpler.



Any collection of dashboards can be displayed as a slideshow. The dashboards will be displayed in sequence.



Pinboards allow for the aggregation of widgets from multiple dashboards on a single canvas. They are a great way to share key “at a glance” information with stakeholders.

Data Preparation

Data preparation often involves substantial effort. Bold BI offers data preparation features that make your job easier. Also, with Bold BI there is no requirement to bring all your data into one data store. You can connect to any data store of your choice directly saving you time and effort.

Visual data modeling​

Visual data modeling

Bold BI allows you to connect to a vast array of data sources and visually perform actions such as joins, filters and more. You can preview your data within the visual editor.

Calculated fields​

Calculated fields

Add calculated fields at the data source level. A rich set of expressions and formulas are available.

Advanced data preparation​

Advanced data preparation

For more advanced data preparation, Syncfusion provides a dedicated product named the Syncfusion Data Integration platform. This product is available for free use by all licensed Bold BI users.

Predictive Analytics

With Bold BI you can display results from predictive models produced using other machine learning environments. Additionally, you can use built-in methods available for forecasting to help stakeholders identify business risks and understand trends.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Budgeting & Forecasting

With time series analysis, you can recognize seasonal changes and forecast trends. Bold BI offers integrated time series support.


Collaborative business intelligence lets your whole team look at their metrics and discuss them easily and productively. Post comments and replies right where your metrics are displayed.

Share using an URL​

Share using an URL

Share analytics in a secure manner with other stakeholders as a link.

Interactive commenting​

Interactive commenting

Collaborate with other users by adding comments rights within the analytics interface.

Email alert​

Email alert

Schedule email alerts to be automatically sent according to configurable rules.

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