Azure DevOps

Connect your Azure DevOps with Bold BI to build tailored dashboards for all its services. The benefits of using Bold BI with Azure DevOps include: 

  • Monitor the progress of your projects throughout their lifecycles and gain insights about the health and status of them. 
  • Combine with related data sources like GitHub, GitLab to track metrics related to deployments, pull requests, private repos along with your data from Azure Pipelines and Azure Repos. 
  • Connect with your Azure DevOps credentials via OAuth authentication and choose the API for the respective service – Boards, Pipelines, Repos, Test Plans and Artifacts. 

Azure DevOps Dashboard Template

Deploy prebuilt Azure DevOps dashboard in mere seconds that provides the overview of the sprint details. Read More.

  • Azure Boards Tasks Management
You control the entire experience

Azure DevOps Dashboard

Azure DevOps dashboard is used to analyze sprint task details from your Azure Boards to track sprint velocity, bug status and severity, task priority, and the status of a task. You can:

  • Track sprint performance based on assignee and story points velocity.
  • Compare the features and bug count between the current and last month in your project.

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