Connect your CData Connect Cloud account to Bold BI to integrate with more than 20 supported connectors and create dashboards that turn valuable data into meaningful metrics. The benefits of using Bold BI with CData include:

  • Connecting with CData Virtual Database tables via a drag-and-drop designer with supported data sources to create interactive dashboards with meaningful KPIs and metrics for business decisions.
  • Connecting in two modes:
    • Live: Source data is connected and processed directly by Bold BI.
    • Extract: Source data is connected, and data is imported to an intermediate database where it is processed further by Bold BI.
  • Visualizing data from different metrics using dashboards hosted anywhere: TVs, large screen displays, or mobile devices.

CData-supported data sources

Connecting CData Connect Cloud Connector With Bold BI

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to connect CData Connect Cloud Connector with Bold BI and establish connections with its supported data sources.

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