Bring your GitHub data to Bold BI and create beautiful dashboards with useful widgets. By embedding dashboards inside your application, you can visualize the story behind your data and make effective business decisions.



Specify the maximum number of rows to be fetched from the GitHub connector.

Refresh Data

Refresh Data

Configure data refreshes to keep your dashboard up to date.

Join data

Join Data

Join GitHub data with different data sources using shared tables.

GitHub Dashboard Examples

Repository Issues Analysis Dashboard

Repository Issues Analysis Dashboard

Bold BI’s Repository Issues Analysis Dashboard offers a holistic view of the activities within your GitHub repository.

The Repository Issues Analysis Dashboard empowers you to monitor your team's performance and completed assigned tasks.  With this dashboard, you can analyze the status of issues and pull requests and improve the overall performance of your repository activities.

  • Open and closed issues
  • Open and closed pull requests
  • Issues and pull requests by status and date
  • Average days to merge pull requests and average days to close an issue
  • Total commits and commits by date and committer
  • Issues by status and repository

Pull Requests Analysis Dashboard

Bold BI’s Pull Requests Analysis Dashboard provides you with the details of pull requests in the GitHub repository.

The Pull Request Analysis Dashboard helps you analyze open pull requests in multiple repositories, identify unique angles using different filters, and enables you to prepare for project deadlines.


  • Open and closed pull requests
  • Average days to merge pull requests
  • Code review turnaround time by engineer
  • Open pull requests by repository
  • Work in progress


Pull Requests Analysis Dashboard

Integration Mashups with GitHub Data

Integrate GitHub data with other integrations, like SQL or web data sources, and create dashboards with multiple data sources. Embed these dashboards into your application for powerful data visualization.

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