Connect your GitHub repository with Bold BI and track the traffic around its projects, users and their contributions, issues, pull requests, and so on. The benefits of using Bold BI with GitHub include:

  • Keeping track of your dev team’s quality and contributions, like number of commits, status of bugs, and new tasks, including for remote teams.
  • Extracting data via the Rest APIs provided by GitHub and playing with your data in Bold BI.
  • Combining your GitHub repository data with relevant data sources like Azure DevOps to understand the overall work done on the project by your team.

Github Dashboard Template

Deploy prebuilt GitHub dashboard in mere seconds that tells about the traffic in your GitHub project. Read more.

  • GitHub Activity
You control the entire experience

GitHub Dashboard

Visualize the activity of your GitHub repository, such as the number of open and closed issues, commits over time, average closure time, and much more. Other advantages:

  • The number of pull requests in your project also shows the interest level of contributors in it. Tracking this count over time gives you an idea of the popularity of your project.
  • Issuing status by repository lets you collect facts like which repo has more open issues that require more attention.
  • Metrics like the average number of days it takes to close a task or to merge a pull request give you a quick glimpse at how fast work is going in tasks.

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