Connect your Infusionsoft account and build dashboards to keep track of contacts, referrals, campaigns, payments, and more. The benefits of using Bold BI with Infusionsoft include: 

  • Track your CRM and marketing automation activities like conversions by sales stage, lead sources, and revenue earned by category. 
  • Manage your contacts. This usually requires a lot of searching and organizing. A grid widget lets you easily manage your contacts via features like search, filter, and sort. 
  • Combine KPIs from relevant data sources like Google Analytics, Buffer, Sendible, and WordPress to create an integrated dashboard. Track how your business is performing with up-to-date data

Infusionsoft Dashboard Templates

Deploy prebuilt Infusionsoft dashboards in mere seconds that provide the information about sales and opportunities. Read More.

  • Sales
  • Opportunities
You control the entire experience

Infusionsoft Sales Dashboard

Track your periodical information regarding contact details, orders, subscriptions, and revenue progress using the prebuilt Infusionsoft sales dashboard. Advantages:

  • Track the last six months of orders, transactions paid, and revenue via subscriptions.
  • Get the percent of change via KPI cards about contacts, orders, and subscriptions between the current month and last month.
You control the entire experience

Infusionsoft Oppurtunities Dashboard

Analyze your opportunities progress information and conversion rate based on the current month’s data using the prebuilt Infusionsoft opportunities dashboard. Advantages:

  • An opportunity pipeline summary provides combined information about revenue at different opportunity stages, including high and low values of projected revenue.
  • Look at the percent of change between the current month and last month in your opportunities that were won, lost, and new.

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