Salesforce Integration

Salesforce provides access to a wealth of customer and business information. The benefits of using Bold BI with Salesforce include: 

  • Hold your reps accountable for using Salesforce with interactive dashboards that help them to track their performance periodically. 
  • Track all your sales performance metrics like pipelineleadsdealscontacts, and accounts. 
  • Combine Salesforce data with relevant data sources like Google Analytics, Zendesk, and Mailchimp to create integrated dashboards. 

Salesforce Dashboard Templates

Deploy prebuilt Salesforce dashboards in mere seconds using templates to analyze about opportunities and leads. Read more.

  • Opportunities
  • Leads
You control the entire experience

Salesforce Opportunities Dashboard

Stay on top of every opportunity and close more business on time. Keep track of open opportunities and the monthly conversion rate using the prebuilt Salesforce opportunities dashboard:

  • Track and manage your deals by monitoring opportunities present in different stages.
  • Track the expected revenue, revenue won, and overall success rate based on the opportunities.
You control the entire experience

Salesforce Leads Dashboard

Track your sales progress and monthly lead creation using this prebuilt Salesforce leads dashboard:

  • Monitor the current month’s leads, converted leads, and conversion ratio, and then compare them with last month’s performance.
  • The pie charts let you know where your leads and converted leads are coming from and in what proportion.

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