Twilio Integration

Showcase calls and SMS activities with your Twilio data as dashboards and get better insights to make quick decisions about your support team. The benefits of using Bold BI with Twilio include: 

  • The contact center’s floor supervisor will be able to actively manage their queues and agents. 
  • Data you get from Twilio’s APIs in terms of marketing campaigns, upcoming announcements, etc., can be visualized. 
  • KPIs from relevant data sources can be combined to create integrated dashboards, like: 
    • Twilio + SendGridTrack customer engagement activities. 
    • Twilio + Google Calendar—Keep your mom updated on your trip schedules

Twilio Dashboard Template

Deploy prebuilt Twilio dashboard in mere seconds that provide insights about calls and messages over time. Read more.  


  • Support Tracking
You control the entire experience

Twilio Dashboard

Gain insights from your Twilio data, such as your calls and messages over time or the number of messages and calls sent and received. Advantages:

  • Give your team complete visibility of their daily work like number of calls, duration, and number of SMSs. Display these metrics in a large screen display in your team’s workplace.
  • Get a clear picture of resources utilization with number of calls and duration of calls by date. This also allows you to decide about allocating additional agents ahead of traffic.

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