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Monitor and Enhance Your Business with Bold BI Dashboard Slideshow

Monitor and Enhance Your Business with Bold BI Dashboard Slideshow

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    Monitor and Enhance Your Business with Bold BI Dashboard Slideshow

    Nowadays, analyzing data is one of the most important steps a business can take to ensure its success. To make continuous profit, useful metrics and KPIs should be tracked. Visualize your data analytics as a large screen slideshow where managers, team members, and an audience can view the slideshow presentation at the same time. Slideshows allow users to showcase their own selection of dashboards or other visualizations in sequence. Slideshow presentation is useful for visualizing dashboards at meetings or conferences, or on a large screen for a target audience in a workplace.

    In a previous blog post, we explained how large-screen dashboards should be organized and how to set up dashboards as a slideshow for display on a TV. We discussed how to choose the right dashboards by looking at some examples of TV dashboards in different industries.

    Bold BI also allows you to present slides in a slideshow presentation with multiple widgets, including charts, maps, images, text, and filters, in one container. In this blog post, we will explore how to prepare slides with multiple widgets and how to configure a slideshow in Bold BI. We will then learn how to interact with Bold BI slideshow widgets.

    How to prepare slides with multiple widgets

    You can present your slide visualizing key metrics on the left and the description on the right, as shown in the following image. By presenting your key information like this, it easy to understand for your target audience.

    Combination of widgets
    Combination of widgets

    Multiple widgets in one container presentation

    Follow these steps to add multiple widgets to one container using Bold BI:

    1. In the Dashboard Designer canvas, add combine widget. To configure the combine widget, drag the combine widget from the dashboard’s item panel under Miscellaneous.
      Add combine widget
      Add combine widget
    2. In the combine widget area, place the visualization widget on left and text widget on right.
      Add combine widget
      Add widgets into combine widget
    3. In the text widget, add presentation content.

    For example, for a sales team, sales and orders need to be tracked to identify the most-sold product and the suppliers who have the highest and lowest order percentages. Visualizing these metrics in a slideshow showcased on a large screen where the whole team can see it helps the team understand its progress toward its goals and lets members monitor performance continuously. Sales and suppliers KPIs can be showcased as separate dashboards and organized for a slideshow.

    To achieve this, we are going to prepare the following KPIs in the separate dashboards:

    • Orders by country
    • Highest sales by category
    • Top 5 suppliers by order percentage
    • Bottom 5 suppliers by order percentage

    For configuring the orders by country, you have to configure the combine widget from the miscellaneous category in the Bold BI Designer.

    You need to add a choropleth map and text widget to the combine widget. Then, click Publish to view the published dashboard like the following image.

    Orders by Country
    Orders by Country

    Similarly, you need to create separate dashboards for other metrics too.

    Highest Sales by Category
    Highest Sales by Category
    Top 5 Suppliers by Order Percentage
    Top 5 Suppliers by Order Percentage
    Bottom 5 Suppliers by Order Percentage
    Bottom 5 Suppliers by Order Percentage

    Check out our help documentation for more details on configuring a combine widget with multiple widgets.

    Now let’s look at how to configure a slideshow with prepared dashboards in Bold BI.

    How to configure a slideshow in Bold BI

    Once you create the separate dashboards, you need to create the slideshow.

    To create a slideshow, select Slideshows  in the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard listing page.

    On the right side of the page, click Create Slideshow to configure the dashboards and the transition interval between them.

    Add slideshow
    Add slideshow

    Refer to this documentation to configure a slideshow in the Bold BI application.

    After configuring the slideshow, you will be able to present full-screen, live dashboards one after the other at equal time intervals, as shown as following .gif.

    Dashboards slideshow

    Using this method, you can create slideshows and present business metrics easily as large-screen dashboards in Bold BI.

    Interacting with a Bold BI slideshow presentation

    You can interact with your slideshow presentation. Interactive data visualization helps you understand your data and make sound business decisions quickly. Here some of interactions to perform in your widgets:

    • Filtering
    • Drill down
    • Linking

    Filter interaction

    With filtering, you can limit the data displayed in a widget or dashboard. This feature is used to provide different sets of data. Instead of having a separate visual or dashboard for each category, you can add filters and let users change the criteria to explore the data.

    Let’s consider the Orders by Country KPI dashboard. We can add a list box filter widget and filter by country within the presentation, as shown in the image.

    Slideshow presentation with filtering
    Slideshow presentation with filtering

    Drill-down action in presentation

    Drilling down allows users to explore in-depth details of showcased chart elements with just a click. They can view a more detailed breakdown of the business data.

    For example, by drilling down into one of the suppliers in the Top 5 Suppliers by Order Percentage dashboard, you can show the breakdown of that supplier’s products with the highest order percentage on the same visualization widget, as shown as following image.

    Slideshow presentation with drill down
    Slideshow presentation with drill down

    Linking within presentation

    Widget linking allows you to connect dashboards that are related to one another. You can link the dashboards with valid web URLs.

    In the Highest Sales by Category KPI slide, you can link the dashboard to a widget tracking whether the ordered product is available or not on the same slide while presenting.

    Check out our documentation to learn more interactions to take advantage of while presenting.

    Slideshow presentation with linking
    Slideshow presentation with linking


    We hope you now have a better understanding of slideshows of sales dashboards and how they will help you to grow your business. These large-screen dashboards provide the audience a quick view of business through separate dashboards, each showcasing relevant key metrics arranged one after the other, rotating as a slideshow.

    Bold BI has more than 20 dashboard examples categorized into industries, departments, and data analytics. Get started with Bold BI by signing up for a free 15-day trial and create more interactive business intelligence dashboards. If you have any questions on this blog post, please feel free to post them in the comment section. You can also contact us by submitting your questions through the Bold BI website or, if you already have an account, you can log in to submit your support question.

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