Connect your FreshBooks account and build FreshBooks dashboards to manage your company’s finance-related operations. The benefits of using Bold BI with FreshBooks include:

  • Monitor your business’s income and expenses over a time period and keep track of the financial health of your business.
  • Keep track of your outstanding invoices and debtors. The commenting feature within the FreshBooks dashboard allows you to discuss action items to handle these invoices.
  • FreshBooks dashboards allow users to spend less time on accounts management and more time on their business.
  • Combine KPIs from relevant data sources like Stripe and create integrated dashboards to get an overall view of the payment history of your customers. Share these dashboards with decision makers.
  • Pivot grid lets you have a drilled down report of quantity sold by customers, items, and currency.

FreshBooks Dashboard Template

Deploy prebuilt FreshBooks dashboard in mere seconds that provides the overview of Business finances. Read More.

  • Revenue Analysis
You control the entire experience

FreshBooks Dashboard

FreshBooks dashboard provides a detailed view of your business finances that helps to analyze your revenue and expenses, customer growth, and payment status.

  • The payment status lets you know the proportion of paid, unpaid and partially paid customers. With that info, you can decide about sending reminders to your unpaid and partially paid customers.
  • The last six months of stats for the customer count and revenue show you trends relevant to the revenue goal you have set in your business.

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