Bring your Google Analytics to Bold BI and create beautiful dashboards with useful widgets. By embedding dashboards inside your application, you will understand the story behind your data and make effective business decisions.

Metrics and Dimensions

Metrics and Dimensions

Access metrics and dimensions using additional drop-down options to find your insights quickly.



Mention the maximum number of rows to be fetched from Google Analytics connector.

Joining Data

Joining Data

Combine the Google Analytics data from different data sources using Shared Tables.

Refresh Data

Refresh Data

Configure data refresh to keep your dashboard up to date.

Google Analytics Dashboard Example

Website Traffic Analysis Dashboard

Website Traffic Analysis Dashboard

Bold BI’s Website Traffic Analysis Dashboard provides a complete view of a website's traffic and visitor trends.

The Website Traffic Analysis Dashboard helps you to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your webpage. Considering your audience's interests, explore low-performing channels and increase website traffic by making effective business decisions.

  • Users, Sessions, and Bounce Rate
  • Users vs. New users
  • Geographical Sessions
  • Users by Channel
  • Average Session Duration

Page Performance Dashboard

Bold BI’s Page Performance Dashboard offers effective page view insights, and it captures your website's qualitative performance metrics.

The Page Performance Dashboard helps you to improve the performance of your webpage. With this dynamic dashboard, you can improve customer engagement rates by monitoring page views, page loading time, and low-performing pages. Enhance your customer engagement metrics with a high-performing website.

  • Page Views and Unique Page Views
  • Average Pages per Session
  • Average Time Spent on Pages and Loading Time
  • Domain Lookup Time
  • Page Redirection Time

page performance dashboard

Integration Mashups with Google Analytics data

Integrate Google Analytics data with other integrations, like of SQL data sources or web data sources, and create dashboards with multiple data sources. Embed these dashboards into your application for powerful data visualization.   You can combine Google Analytics and other solutions, like Salesforce, to clarify your view of your visitor-to-customer conversions rates. For example, by integrating Google Analytics' website analytical service with Salesforce's customer relationship management platform, you can monitor a wide range of KPIs and metrics, from website traffic data to customer conversion trends. With this mash up, you have all your metrics visualized  in one place for better decision-making practices.

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