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Connect your web analytics data with Bold BI to understand your website’s audience and their behaviour so you can deliver better experiences. The benefits of using Bold BI with Google Analytics include the ability to:

  • Combine your Google Analytics data with other data sources such as a CRM tool, like Salesforce, or a social media tool, like Buffer, or a marketing tool, like Kissflow.
  • Extract web analytics data from different metrics and dimensions that are available via the Google Analytics Reporting API.
  • Combine your web analytics data with relevant data sources like Salesforce and Stripe to visualize key website metrics from Sessions to Page Views, including customer conversion rate.

Google Analytics Dashboard Templates

Deploy prebuilt Google Analytics dashboards in mere seconds to learn about sessions, user-visits impact, performance metrics, and so on using dashboard templates. Read More.

  • Website Traffic
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Google Analytics (Website Traffic)

Analyze website traffic using your Google Analytics data. Gain insights into user visits, sessions by country, and the traffic in the last seven days. Also:

  • Understand the user traffic by channel, like organic searches and referrals.
  • Track the difference existing in users count, new users count, and average session duration over the past seven days.
  • Find the audience metrics information, like overall users and sessions.

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