Detect service bottlenecks across all areas of your business by monitoring current and prior performance. The benefits of using Bold BI with ServiceNow include: 

  • Evaluate customer experience via taking stats like average resolution time, number of incidents resolved by first assignee or by re-opened assignee, and so on. 
  • Track pending tasks and duration in hours based on your company’s SLA. 
  • Combine KPIs from relevant data sources like Azure Pipelines along with ServiceNow data to prepare integrated dashboards to track tickets change management.

ServiceNow Dashboard Template

Deploy prebuilt ServiceNow dashboard in mere seconds and analyse about the incidents with ease. Read more

  • Incident Monitoring
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ServiceNow Dashboard

ServiceNow dashboard is used to monitor incident details over a period of time. It provides accurate information regarding average resolution time for an incident and the status of incidents based on category and priority. You can:

  • Monitor an incident management process and ensure continuous improvements in service to streamline service restoration. 
  • Track the percentage of incidents created, closed, and resolved over a period of time based on priority and category. 

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