Connect your YouTube data with Bold BI to monitor your channel’s overall performance. The benefits of using Bold BI with YouTube include: 

  • Know your subscribers better by learning how they engage with your content. 
  • Combine your YouTube analytics data with relevant social media data sources like Buffer and Sendible. Prepare a marketing performance dashboard with combined data from different sources. 
  • Track your videos that turned popular, ads placed in those videos, and revenue earned. 

YouTube Dashboard Templates

Deploy prebuilt YouTube dashboards in mere seconds that provide various details of the YouTube channel. Read more.

  • YouTube Dashboard
You control the entire experience

YouTube Dashboard

Track your YouTube viewer reach using the prebuilt YouTube dashboard. Connect your account and visualize various details such as number of views, subscriptions, and average view duration over time. Advantages:

  • Tracking views by country lets you know in which country your video is more liked, and you can make business decisions and plan your future videos accordingly.
  • Key metrics like average view duration are important for knowing how far your videos are watched so you can improve the quality when the value is too low.

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