Connect your JIRA account with Bold BI to track your project workloads via instant and interactive dashboards. The benefits of using Bold BI with JIRA include:

  • Knowing the progress of your project development and visualizing its over time via JIRA dashboard.
  • Choosing projects, components, and engineers based on need and getting the answers for key metrics for the selections made with different kinds of dashboard filters. Similarly, you can breakdown results about issues by status and assignee.
  • Combining with relevant data sources like Zendesk and building an integrated JIRA dashboard, a single place of analytics about your JIRA tickets.

JIRA Dashboard Template

Deploy prebuilt JIRA dashboard in mere seconds that gives overall report about all issues in all the projects. Read more.

  • JIRA Issue Tracker
You control the entire experience

JIRA Dashboard

Keep track of your development speed and issue accumulation over time by connecting to this JIRA dashboard template. Advantages:

  • Detailed task reports and key metrics like average resolution time.
  • Comparative insight for created and closed issues.
  • Once connected, all issues to which you have access will be brought into this Bold BI template. It will let you know how quickly you are resolving issues.

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Jira Dashboard Example with Bold BI

Jira Dashboard Example with Bold BI

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