SendGrid Integration

Tracking your sent marketing and transactional emails is an important task in email campaign marketing. The benefits of using Bold BI with SendGrid include: 

  • Through the SendGrid APIs provided, obtain stats about the emails and your audience’s behaviour based on category, country, email client, mailbox provider, and browser. 
  • Track your email campaign performance with the help of key metrics on how your recipients interact with your email. 
  • Combine KPIs from relevant data sources like Twilio, WordPress, and GitHub in an integrated dashboard to track your customer engagement activities.

SendGrid Dashboard Template

Deploy prebuilt SendGrid dashboard in mere seconds that provide insights about email campaigns. Read more.

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SendGrid Dashboard

Monitor all your email metrics using the SendGrid dashboard. Explore your key metrics such as clicks, opens, and delivery rate over a period of time. Also:

  • Rank the best of your emails in terms of performance, like more clicks or more opens in different devices.
  • Show a geographic view with opens by country. This helps to make future decisions about campaigns for a selected country.

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SendGrid Email Stats Tracking Example with Bold BI

SendGrid Email Stats Tracking Example with Bold BI

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