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Bold BI excels on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Bold BI excels on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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    Bold BI Shines on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

    Are you ready to revolutionize your data strategy? Bold BI is the key to making data-driven business decisions based on meaningful insights. Now available within the vast Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Bold BI and its features help you extract value from your business data and inform your strategic planning.

    Bold BI Showcased on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
    Bold BI Showcased on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

    Key benefits of deploying Bold BI on Azure

    • Better security: When businesses deploy Bold BI on Azure, their data is secured according to Azure’s safeguards.
    • Easy deployment: Bold BI can be deployed quickly on virtual machines in Azure with minimal setup time.
    • Production-ready application: Users of all skill levels can start using Bold BI preconfigured image software on Azure instantly— no configuration or IT knowledge is required.

    How to deploy Bold BI Server from Azure Marketplace in 4 easy steps


    • Microsoft Azure subscription
    • Bold BI license
    • Microsoft Remote Desktop

    Before deploying Bold BI Server to Microsoft Azure, configure your VM according to our documentation to ensure optimal performance.


    1. Create a Bold BI Server virtual machine.
    2. Connect to the virtual machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop.
    3. Launch the Bold BI Server and configure the application.
    4. Begin creating and embedding your dashboards.

    You can also watch this video to learn how to deploy Bold BI Server from Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

    Start Embedding Powerful Analytics

    Try out all the features of Bold BI with 15-day free trial.

    In conclusion, we hope that you enjoy the simplicity of deploying Bold BI from Azure Marketplace. It will help you kick-start your journey toward better decision-making by empowering your teams to create business dashboards that provide valuable insights.

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