School Performance

Track retention rates, enrollment details, and more

School Performance

Bold BI’s School Performance dashboard provides an overview of school management metrics. With this dashboard, administrators can answer the following questions:

What is the retention rate of students and faculty?

How has enrollment changed in the last 2 academic years?

What is the student–faculty ratio?

How many students used the school bus to get to school?

What was the attendance percentage of Grade 1 students last year?

Analyze Students’ Enrollment, Attendance, Retention Rates, and Transit Details

Firstly, with this dashboard, we can track the school’s enrollment details by noting the total number of students and faculty, along with attendance percentages. Also, we can see how many students and faculty members chose to return to the school.

The "Mode of Transits" doughnut chart displays the number of students who depend on the bus to get to school versus the number of students who use private vehicles. This data can help the school ensure they are able to meet students' transportation needs.

Track Faculty Details, Students’ Exam Results, and Student–Faculty Ratio

Track exam results for students who have passed, failed, or not attended using the “Examination Result Overview” column chart.  The “Faculty Details” table shows data such as faculty member names, departments, email addresses, and attendance percentages.

Finally, the dashboard allows us to quickly view the student–faculty ratio, an important statistic for parents and teachers alike.

Filter Your Data

By using the “Select Year” and “Select Grade” drop-down list box filters, viewers can customize the dashboard to display data for any combination of years and grades. For instance, viewers could look at the numbers for all students in grades 1–5 in 2019. Similarly, they could display only the data for third graders in 2018.

Also, users can reset the filters by clicking the funnel-shaped icons in the upper right corners of the drop-down list box widgets. If both filters are reset so that specific years and grades are not selected, we will see the overall numbers for all students for all of the years for which we have data.

These filters can be applied to any dashboards that display data across time periods or for separate, defined groups. As can be seen, this can be especially useful for reviewing trends over time.

With this dashboard, for example, we could track students’ enrollment statistics, attendance numbers, the retention rate of faculty and students, and exam results over a period of three years to note whether any trends appear.

Bold BI’s dashboards are an invaluable tool not only because of the information they put at your fingertips but also because of the potential connections they allow you to make between data sets.

Education Dashboard Examples

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