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Personal Expense Analysis

The last predictive analytics dashboard solution you’ll ever need.

Bold BI Personal Expense Analysis Dashboard

Bold BI’s personal expense analysis dashboard provides an overview of an individual’s budget and spending habits. Additionally, it provides an estimate of the individual’s future income and expenses. With this predictive analytics dashboard, we can answer the following questions:

How does my income compare to my expenses?

How am I spending my money?

What do my future expenses and income look like?

The dashboard also provides a list of all of the individual’s financial transactions. This allows viewers to easily review purchases from multiple debit and credit cards in one convenient location, which could assist with early identification of any suspicious charges.

First, the “Income,” “Expense,” and “Balance” widgets supply a straightforward analysis of, simply put, money in versus money out. Having an accurate assessment of these numbers is key for any individual’s financial security.

Further, the “Forecast Total Income” and “Forecast Total Expenses” widgets allow the user to plan for the future, offering plenty of time to adjust saving or spending habits before any changes take place. The monthly breakdown of these predicted figures is especially useful as it provides an easy visual reference for anyone wishing to ensure that their income will exceed their expenses every month.

Finally, the “Expense Analysis Chart” supplies a detailed breakdown of the user’s expenses by category. One of this widget’s most helpful aspects is that it uses the multi-level drill down feature. Thus, you can click each of the categories on the doughnut chart to view more information about each category. For example, if I click the blue “Daily Living” segment, I can see how much was spent on dining out, dry cleaning, and groceries.

This data is invaluable for any individual—or business—who needs a quick and easy visual reference for evaluating their expenses. With this information, individuals can analyze areas where they can cut unnecessary spending and implement long-term budget plans to ensure their current and future financial health.

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