Bold BI Release History – 2.6


Cloud Analytics Server
Released on September 23, 2019

What’s New

  • Data sources: Added forecasting support in line chart.
  • Data sources: Provided pagination support for Freshdesk data source.
  • Data sources: Added folder browser UI for Smartsheet.
  • Widgets: Added combo chart and enhanced existing charts to have a secondary axis.
  • Widgets: New KPI card with color customization.
  • Widgets: Added EJ2 Maps widget with support for geo-location, color customization, and drill down.
  • Widgets: Added categorical, range, and rule-based color customization support for all applicable widgets.
  • Widgets: Added support to modify label color in Tree Map.
  • Widgets: Expanded our geo-shapes in the Maps widget to drill into more states in the U.S. and India.


  • Data sources: Fixed refresh failure for Google Sheets.
  • Data sources: Varchar data type conversion for row type expressions.
  • Data sources: Fixed unwanted string added at the end of expressions.
  • Data sources: Fixed edit data source preview grid failed due to expression.
  • Widgets: Minor bug fixes and improvements.
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