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Bold BI Release History - 7.6


Released on March 21, 2024

New Features


  • The method loadMultiTabDashboard enables the rendering of multiple dashboards programmatically in JS-based embedding, eliminating the need to create a multi-tab dashboard on the Bold BI server.


  • Provided support for customizing exported files (PDF, CSV, Excel, and Image) using a plugin approach from the user’s end.


Data Sources


  • #559409 – Provided support for Dynamic Email Content in the Data alert schedule email template.


  • #549818 – Provided the Arial Black font-size support in the RTE widget.

Bug Fixes

Data Sources

  • #560054 – Resolved issue in Capitalize Each word option showing in the filter section.
  • #564167 – Resolved the DATEPART expression not working properly for Week and Quarter in PostgreSQL.
  • #560144 – Fixed the refresh failed issue in MongoDB data source on code view mode after uploading the dashboard.
  • #561232 – Fixed the Expressions not parsing correctly.
  • #564844 – Fixed the “Item Already exists” issue occurring while uploading the dashboard if refresh is enabled.
  • #554208 – Resolved the problem of changing the data type of the column named “source.data.chat_pinned_time” from str to date/time.
  • #567081 – Fixed the Custom connector section not loading when deleting the content in the custom connector file.
  • #544931 – Fixed the data retrieval error in the Google BigQuery data source.
  • #566977 – Resolved the 504 Gateway Timeout issue when Executing the WITH query in data preview in the MSSQL server data source.
  • #557102 – Fixed the decimal data not pulling in SQL data source while trying to get the table using a custom query.
  • #561425 – Resolved the Date time formatting not applied properly in ClickHouse.
  • #542697 – Resolved the Not able to find the tables in the latest ClickHouse version in Bold BI.
  • #562556 – Added the limitation to restrict unnest in expressions.
  • Resolved the inability to connect Facebook ads on the cloud site.
  • Resolved the Empty relative date being added in the dashboard parameter.
  • Fixed the inability to upload the same file in a file-related data source.
  • Resolved the inability to open the dashboard if encountering any issue while moving stored procedures.
  • #558346 – Fixed Stored procedure is not changed when changing the dashboard parameter.
  • #529579 – Fixed Data Retrieval Error at first time loading with Stored procedure in MariaDB.


  • #553645 – Fixed the issue of encountering a 404 page not found error when using the en-US in the URL.
  • #565342 – Fixed the issue of the next schedule update for the Daily, Weekly, and Yearly schedule when running on-demand.
  • #556454 – Fixed the issue with updating the dashboard caused by the update in public or private access mode.
  • #547873 – Fixed the issue that was displaying a white blank page when scrolling through the dashboard in multi-tab view on mobile devices.
  • Fixed the issue where the bottom of the widget was hidden in the dashboard when using the same page preview.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying HTML tags in the tooltip when hovering over the profile menu on the dashboard settings page.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying the incorrect page when editing the locked dashboard.
  • Fixed the issue where users were unable to run a schedule when they only had read permission.
  • Fixed the issue with returning double slashes in the embed URL property of the “get dashboards” API in the cloud.


  • #565319 – Fixed the issue where widgets configured within the container widgets could not be resized.
  • #560059, #559938 – Fixed the usability issue in the replace value feature.
  • #562850 – Fixed the issue with Excel and CSV export to include data in addition to column headers in the exported file.
  • #562348 – Fixed an issue where the custom date and time format was not displaying correctly in the Pivot Grid.
  • #559939 – Fixed the issue where the percentage symbol had space in measure formatting.
  • #550316 – Resolved the issue where the dashboard could not be viewed or edited in a specific use case.
  • #527641 – Fixed the issue where the exported Excel file is empty when configuring the expression and average aggregation in the pivot grid.
  • Fixed the issue where invalid numbers could be entered in the number-type dashboard parameter.
  • Fixed the issue where the “match entire string” functionality was not working properly in replace value support.
  • Fixed the issue where an empty message occurs in the Q&A widget if the search item is removed.
  • Fixed the issue when resizing the Q&A widget.
  • Fixed the issue when changing the layout in the pinboard with the Q&A widget.
  • Fixed the issue where the Scatter chart shows blank in the scheduled export.
  • Fixed the issue where the Dashboard theme was not reflected in the scheduled dashboard export.
  • Fixed the issue in the Dashboard export where the widget was being cut off in the PDF format.
  • Fixed the problem where the widget did not rearrange properly when maximizing the widget within an IFrame embedding.
  • Resolved the issue where renaming a Custom Hierarchy in the widget assign data section.
  • Fixed the issue where the expression with browser culture was not shown in the underlying data.


  • Fixed the custom font style issue in the saveview popup window in JS-based embedding.


  • #560937, #545121 – Fixed the issue where the URL linking is not working properly when performing virtual scroll operation in Grid widget.
  • #562547, #560542 – Resolved the Font size not applied in KPI and Number card issue when using the custom theme.
  • #554488 – Fixed the Grand total calculation issue in Pivot Grid.
  • #564566 – Fixed the tooltip displays outside the dashboard issue in Image widget.
  • #554959 – Fixed the issue where formatting applied in chart tooltips is not displayed in view mode.
  • Fixed the issue where dropping a widget in the second tab updates the first tab and leaves the second empty.
  • Fixed the issue where the Chart Legend Customization is not working when chart acts as a slave to POP widget.
  • Fixed the issue where the Tab widget’s Add icon is not working properly on closing the existing tab.


  • #565519 – Fixed inaccurate version information displayed on the product version page.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed the ‘Replace Value’ option for measure type columns. This feature is still applicable for string and date columns.
  • In version 7.5.13, dashboards were downloaded, but encountered connectivity issues with the data source upon upload dashboard. The problem was rectified in the subsequent version 7.6.12. Users are required to modify the uploaded data source by re-entering the necessary credentials and saving the data source.

Important Note

Note : The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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