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Bold BI Release History - 7.8


Released on May 03, 2024


Data Sources

  • #546415 – Implemented an SQL command timeout for SQL-related data sources in the cloud in syncfusion managed cloud hosted solution.
  • #562991 – Implemented a custom flag in the appsettings.json file to enable the retrieval of queries in HAR files in on-premise deployments.
  • #542284 – Provided IN and Not IN option for measure filter in initial filter.
  • Improved data source UI based on optional ETL status in Bold BI.


  • #566860 – Provided support for editing schedule start date and time with minutes and seconds in dashboard export and refresh schedules.
  • #558653 – Provided support to include dashboard download complete details in system notifications.
  • #569306 – Improved session timeout on the dashboard designer page. Users will now be considered active if they are interacting with the design canvas in on-premise deployments.
  • #467375 – Added support to configure default sorting order for resources dashboard, data source, schedules, and slideshows in site settings.
  • #564927 – Added support to copy and move multi-tab dashboard.
  • #573013 – Added REST API support to retrieve the Embed Secret.


  • The UMS homepage user interface has been improved, allowing users to favorite and filter sites.


  • #433587, #550533 – Provided the Scrollbar option in the RTE Widget property panel.
  • #582503 – Provided the grid widget row selection element as an argument to embed the application.
  • Provided a property to switch the loading indicator between a single tab widget and multiple widget container.

Bug Fixes

Data Sources

  • #572056 – Resolved the “Getting Data” retrieval error that occurred when trying to create a ClickHouse query without any data present in the database.
  • #572119 – Resolved the issue where Hour, Minute, and Second aggregation did not work in the Rockset connector.
  • #558346 – Resolved the problem where URL parameters were not functioning correctly in certain MySQL stored procedures.
  • #575368 – Fixed the Object reference issue in Google Analytics v4.
  • #572571 – Fixed the issue with Excel export for 40k records from a Google BigQuery data source.
  • #570714 – Fixed the “504 – Gateway Timeout” issue in the web API live connection.
  • #568060 – Restricted the usage of the sum aggregation in the Aggregated field.
  • #573250 – Fixed the issue where % data was extracted as 0 in MySQL.
  • #564327 – Resolved the UI issue when uploading a dashboard with SSH in SQL.
  • #571884 – Resolved the Average aggregation issue in MongoDB that occurred when changing the data type of columns.
  • #569401 – Fixed the issue with Shared Table Display after reconnecting a SharePoint data source.
  • #561425 – Fixed the data retrieval issue that occurred when using a filter in ClickHouse.
  • #574633 – Resolved the problem where the Grid Summary Row did not consider the “Show Raw Data” option.
  • #580720 – Fixed the issue where the IF Expression was not working for an Elasticsearch data source.
  • #578451 – Fixed the problem where InfluxDB tables showed no records when dragged and dropped.
  • #570221 – Resolved the Connection Timeout issue in the MongoDB data source.
  • #577345 – Resolved the issue where the Edit Connection window did not open for the Amazon Redshift data source during dashboard upload.
  • #573167 – Fixed the uploading dashboards with code view mode data source with expressions.
  • #566784 – Upgraded the DLLs version from to 5.0.7 in PostgreSQL to resolve the “received backend message read for query while expecting parseComplete Message” issue.
  • #575914 – Resolved the problem where some fields were not visible in ClickHouse data source (code view mode).
  • #577699 – Resolved the “Illegal mix of collations” error for operations in MySQL.
  • #578669 – Fixed custom attribute error when opening initial filter window.
  • #573167 – Supported the Copy dashboards in code view mode with expressions.
  • #581615 – Resolved the User filter is not working when mapping with empty group.
  • #577699 – Resolved the Illegal mix of collations (utf8mb4_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation ‘=’ in MYSQL.
  • 581085 – Resolved the issue of being unable to rename column names in a table when the same field is added as both a filter and an expression in PostgreSQL data processing.
  • #580142 – Resolved the Incorrect sorting of data in the Amazon Athena data source.
  • Resolved the duplicate name added in the User filter name.
  • Fixed the performance delay in the Asana data source using iterative parameters.
  • Fixed the issue where a data source table could not be removed when a dashboard parameter was used by another data source in the same dashboard.
  • Resolved the problem where no string datatype columns were showing in code view mode for InfluxDB.
  • Fixed the Amazon RDS connector so that it reflects the correct mode (live or extract) when switching during editing.
  • Resolved the issue where the Server Name was not retained in Snowflake extract mode in edit connection.
  • Fixed the problem where a PI Expression could not be created in the Azure Data Explorer data source.
  • Fixed the issue where tables could not be self-joined after configuring a second data source with a dashboard parameter.
  • Resolved the problem with error messages not displaying properly when list parameters are used in expressions.
  • Resolved the issue where the Total Percentage expression did not work properly when used with another expression in PostgreSQL and SQL.
  • Fixed the issue where the Query Designer page showed empty data randomly after updating the sheet and editing the connection with the same table.
  • Fixed the issue where the Quick Base data source did not connect using a custom URL in HTTPS.
  • Resolved UI glitches in the SSAS Connector User Filter module.
  • Fixed the problem where query filter data was not maintained in a REST data source using a custom URL in HTTPS.
  • Resolved the issue where filters did not work with the Date hour format in SQL, PostgreSQL, and ClickHouse data sources.
  • Fixed the issue with Date Format Handling in ClickHouse DataSource.


  • Fixed the issue of the multi-tab header not hiding in iframe embedding when using the “hide_tab_header” query string.
  • Fixed the issue of the tooltip not functioning correctly in the personal access token copy.
  • Fixed the issue of CORS and Security settings not accepting localhost URLs.
  • Fixed the error page that appeared when updating the user profile in on-premise deployments.
  • Fixed the issue where duplicate categories were showing when downloading the embed configuration.
  • Fixed filtering issues on the data source page based on the data source type.
  • Fixed the issue where the HTTP Success status code returned for an invalid page instead of a page not found.


  • #566671 – Fixed the site name validation issue in CustomUI.json.
  • Fixed an issue where the auto-deployment page was not rendering properly.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate external login options were showing on the site login page.


  • #579892 – Fixed the issue where the cloned dashboard was not loading properly in the view mode.
  • #573594 – Fixed the column name mismatch issue in the View Underlying data.
  • #578053 – Fixed the issue where header names were not displaying without data in the widget.
  • #544745 – Fixed the issue of not saving the Edit axis settings in the chart widget when using dashboard parameters.
  • #577598 – Resolved the issue where the default value in the dashboard parameter was not being saved properly.
  • #569306 – Provided support to update the time of the last saved draft in the designer.
  • #557011, #560717 – Fixed the issue where the exported Excel sheets will show the proper hyperlink as per the linking configuration.
  • Fixed the issue where exporting the dashboard as CSV with the same widget name.
  • Fixed the issue in the date format drop-down in the parameter configuration dialog where all the date values were not listed.
  • Fixed the loading indicator issue in the view underlying data at full screen mode in JavaScript embedding.
  • Fixed the issue where parameter mismatch was caused by enabling the apply button while searching for a value.
  • Fixed the issue in the Date picker if you use the parameters in a column from the table view.
  • Fixed the issue where the loading background container color is inappropriate for the dark theme.
  • Fixed the issue where the default parameters are listed in the measure format when typing the @ key.
  • Resolved the issue of encountering console errors when entering a value in the null replace window.
  • Fixed the issue of the dashboard not rendering properly when using a parameter to edit the axis range.


  • Fixed the issue of the multi-tab dashboard not rendering properly when the dashboard path was provided.
  • Fixed the issue of the dashboard rendering with views for the non loadView method.
  • Displayed a proper error message if the loadView method initializes without view details.


  • #574742 – Resolved the issue where Excel export is not working properly for the pivot grid with an expression column.
  • #570871 – Fixed the formatting issue thrown in the grid after enabling or disabling the allow filter option in the grid widget.
  • #569146 – Fixed the issue of the misalignment of the deleted tab widget in the design canvas.
  • #578059 – Fixed the issue where Excel exporting was not working for the Grid widget with the MonthYear column.
  • #568398, #579539, #357763 – Fixed the issue where the container action sections are not visible for custom widgets.
  • #571048 – Fixed the issue where the Pie Chart Percent does not recalculate the percentage.
  • #542737 – Fixed the issue where the Date picker dialog popup hides on Android devices.
  • #571693 – Fixed the issue with extra whitespace appearing in the background when hovering over label widgets.
  • #580400 – Fixed the issue of the Bar Chart color automatically changing while applying fields in the row container.
  • #542751 – Resolved the issue where there was a color mismatch between the chart and legend for stack type charts.
  • #421875 – Fixed the issue where the tooltip was not shown in the line chart if the marker is disabled.
  • #560096 – Fixed the issue where the “No data” message was not displayed in the number card widget when placed in a 2-row span height.
  • Fixed the issue where theme variables are not working in the Radar Polar chart.
  • Fixed the issue where there is an inconsistent tab count after deleting tabs in the tab widget.

Important Note

  • Migrated Bold BI Docker images from the Google Container Registry (gcr.io/boldbi-294612/) to the Google Artifact Registry (us-docker.pkg.dev/boldbi-294612/boldbi/). Users are required to update the registry link in Kubernetes deployment manifest files before proceeding with upgrades.
  • You need to use the updated embed JS version, hosted in
Note: The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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