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Bold BI Release History - 6.16


Released on November 3, 2023


Data Sources

  • #497961 – Integrated the custom attribute and dashboard parameter support for data source connection properties for SQL data sources.
  • #497535 – Provided option for enable/disable the incremental refresh in the YouScan connector UI.Provided option for enable/disable the incremental refresh in the YouScan connector UI
  • Provided support to configure ODBC DNS path for Linux deployment. Provided a configurable ODBC DNS path for Linux
  • #484470 , #396784 – Provided API support for adding user-based filters.


  • #447296 – Included support for Axis range Customization in Scatter Chart.
  • #474364 – Improved the alignment and the space between the text and drill-down icon in the pivot grid. Exposed CSS3 variable in theming level to customize the icon size.
  • Enhanced color scheme for the POP Widget for better visualization.


  • #505593 – Rest API for retrieving and terminating the active session of a user in on-premise deployments.


  • Dashboard parameter support has been added in measure formatting.

Bug Fixes

Data sources

  • #493755 – Fixed issue in using Rockset connector with a database other than the commons’ database.
  • #505391 – Fixed issue in using Total percentage expression for aggregated expressions.
  • #504059 – Resolved the “No data to display” issue in data preview with a shared table in the live data source.
  • #514130 – Corrected a grammatical error in the schema mismatch message.
  • #513370 – Fixed a data retrieval error when binding the total () expression in a widget.
  • #511769 – Resolved the issue of being unable to use the numeric field in the DATESUB expression.
  • #512126 – Fixed the issue where a deleted expression was listed in the measure section.
  • #512044 – Fixed the live web data source to display shared tables properly.
  • #512859 – Resolved the quota error on YouTube.
  • #509782 – Fixed the issue of resaving an expression with a new formula in the Snowflake data source.
  • #510548 – Fixed the schema mismatch issue that occurred when a field was renamed.
  • #515833 – Corrected the syntax error in the count expression.
  • Resolved the issue where the refresh status fails for the harvest data source.
  • Fixed the issue where Data Sampling is not working on the Query Designer page.
  • Fixed the issue where the refresh fails for the Snowflake data source.
  • Fixed the issue where the Chart Mogul data source can reconnect without re-entering the credentials.
  • Fixed the issue where the Data Sampling value is not maintained after reconnecting any of the data sources.
  • Fixed the issue where the Search value box is not working properly for List mode Number type in Dashboard Parameter when connected with PostgreSQL data source live mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the applied font changes are not reflected in the Datasource connection preview.
  • Fixed the issue where unable to connect to the SQL data source after canceling the previous Datasource connection in the Embedded application.
  • Resolved the issue where the vertica data source was displayed in the connector page.
  • Resolved the issue where there are issues while connecting to the extract C data source.
  • Resolved the issue where the table could have been dragged multiple times in the Que-ry Designer page for Combine Data Source.
  • Resolved the issue where no match was found while connecting to MS server Extract with Custom Query.


  • #506504 – Fixed Fiscal year sorting issue in pivot grid.
  • #500811 – Fixed label parameter rendering issue in the label widget.
  • #494399 – Fixed pivot filtering issue in multi-level drill-down.
  • #517088 – Fixed pivot rendering issue in tab widget.
  • Improved Date Picker performance at service level during data fetching.
  • Fixed Combo Box selection maintenance issue on disabling the “Show All” property.


  • #507544 – The redirect URL with the dashboard name not working in the JWT SSO login has been fixed in on-premise deployments.


  • Fixed an issue in showing an incorrect status code when accessing an inactive or unavailable tenant URL.
  • Fixed the issue where the security header was missing in the response when accessing an inactive or unavailable tenant URL.
  • Fixed incorrect error message in response of Content Security Policy REST API to provide clear information.
  • Fixed the issue where scheduled user synchronization could not be disabled when the recurrence value was set as 0.
  • Fixed the issue where the sample dashboard was not immediately visible on the listing page when the search field contains data.
  • Fixed the issue where creating a webhook was not functional with lengthy API keys by limiting the API key length to 100 characters.


  • #508777 – Resolved the issue where linking URLs were not functioning correctly when drill down was enabled in the Chart widget.
  • Fixed the usability issue in the Auto Refresh window.
  • Fixed the problem where the widget name and icons were not displayed in Iframe Widget Embedding.
  • Resolved the issue where the Embed code option was missing in a widget context menu.
  • Fixed the issue where the info icon did not display the dashboard title in mobile mode.


  • Fixed the refresh icon hiding issue in iframe embedding.

Breaking Changes

  • The color scheme of the POP widget has been changed. This will automatically modify the colors of its listener widget. The listener widgets whose colors are customized manually will not be affected.

Important Note

Note – The bug or feature items that do not have a corresponding ID associated with them are internally identified.
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