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Real Estate Management

Track revenue, advertising costs, referral sources, and more

Bold BI Real Estate Management Dashboard

Real estate management companies need to track market data, financial metrics, sales teams' performances, and more. With this dashboard, viewers can answer the following questions:

How much sales and rental revenue have we generated?

How many properties do we have for sale and rent?

Next, how long do properties stay on the market?

What are our advertising costs?

Finally, how do customers find us?

These metrics provide key data about the company's financial health. They can also offer insight into the status of the real estate market as a whole.

Analyze Key Sales Data

Firstly, with the Sales and Rent card widgets, leaders can easily assess the team's revenue. Similarly, the Properties for Sale and Properties for Rent cards outline the number of properties available from the company.

Next, the Sales Vs Target and Sales By Region charts offer further insight into the company's sales performance. With this data, leaders can ensure the team is on target to meet its goals and assess how sales numbers have changed over the past year and a half. The sales map is especially helpful as it provides a quick and easy visual reference for leaders wishing to see which markets have had recent success and where unsold properties are still on the market.

Finally, the Advertised Vs Sold and Properties Sold and Rented By Agent charts provide detailed information regarding each agent's sales performance.

Review Advertising Costs and Customer Inquiries

The Advertisement and Promotion Cost line chart allows viewers to assess advertising costs over the past eighteen months. When compared with the team's sales numbers, this data can offer insight into the company's return on its marketing investment.

The Property Enquiry Referrals pie chart offers further insight into customer behavior by outlining how customers found the team's properties (social media, emails, TV ads, and so on). This data can help the marketing team ensure they are using platforms that will reach the most potential customers. 

Finally, the two grids at the bottom of the dashboard provide overviews of property prices, payment statuses, and recent customer contacts. This data allows the team to prioritize their tasks when following up on payments or answering general customer questions.

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